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Holding the confidence to go forward



The window, the sky is extremely blue, and shook the head of a bed wind ring, suddenly see hanging above a light green origami. I heard is watching it, suddenly remind of that night, that let me have the courage to embrace confidence forward night...


That day, hand out the papers, had already can't wait I saw test in the bright red dazzling eighty-five points, like a bolt from the blue,like Replica Dolce & Gabbana Shoes,like Cheap Armani Clothing. Go back to how to hand over to treat? I'm so anxious the whole afternoon uneasy. "Tink bell," the school bell rang, I exceed heavy steps out of the school gate......


"You this what is the row?" Dad said angrily, "so simple test paper, test so bad scores? You see, math buckle on six points, and was detained eight points to solve them, plus unit 1 minute, was detained 15 points. You say how to do later??"


I turned to look, mom, mom doesn't speak, just writing something seriously. I finally unbearable turned away and was out of the house, got into the rain.


A go out, don't know how of, my tears will surge to mean, I really so careless, really learn bad? I wipe the tears while walked after, what should I do? I...... Also don't know.


"Feed! Tian tian!" The distance once seemed to be familiar with the cries of, looked intently, originally is the twin. "Ah! How could I let her see me cry?" I hurriedly partial too hard.


"The test not good?" Twin or come to my side, take out a piece of paper towel for I wiped to wipe tears, "no!! People will have not, can be perfect, accidentally and take an examination of almost does not represent what oh, to be honest, sometimes I envy you very much mud!" She say that finish, an umbrella and gave it to me, and gave me a thing, mysteriously smiled, "go home, I believe that the next time you can do!"


I see, is a origami. "I...... I really can do?" I the zheng big eyes, and carefully asked.


"You can make it! Come on! Hold confidence ahead!" Twin also sees with big eyes, said slowly.


"You look very interesting!" I gripped the origami, smile.


Back home, I with origami, suddenly found in its wings, give a little light blue. "Was it not......" My heart a tight, gently apart it weak green bodies, appear in front of me is a word: I asked your mom and dad, in fact they also is just a angry, I hope you will come on oh, for your own future more natural, ok? Holding the confidence to go forward! Come on!


My tears poured out of the surge.


Twin, thank you in my inferior gave me care, let me have the courage,let me have Retail Air Force One Shoes,let me have Nike Air Max 2009, let me have confidence. I won't let you down, I will always remember the origami green on one: hold confidence, go ahead.


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