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  3. Ha landed at DM last night and think I set a new record - from exiting the plane at 10pm to pulling up outside my hotel (Landmark) in 45 minutes! Couldnt believe it - immigration was dead my luggage arrived within 2 minutes of me waiting and the traffic was clear!
  4. What lev123 wrote (post above this one ☝️) is the correct answer. Allow an hour for each journey. Set off for Don Muang at 10.30am for your Saturday 13.30 flight. Trust your pecker's got some 'wood', Woody mate. You'll have a ball. Tom Tit 👹
  5. If it is your first time, take a taxi. traffic will be heavy, figuring you also have to do immigration and baggage claim. Plus, you will want to get a sim card, etc the taxis are at the bottom level, you take a ticket and go to the taxi from the ticket. tell the driver "Meter and I pay tolls" - so you will need some thai baht taxi should be around 300 plus tolls. Can be more if there is traffic good luck!
  6. Actually it wasn't spicy at all. Which is okay with me, as I'm not a fan of having things too spicy. As always, there were sauces/chilis available to spice it up if you wanted.
  7. Based on this thread, I took the Sky Train out to try Prachak for lunch. Got the roast duck and red pork on rice combo. Won't say it was life changing, but was still pretty good (and as noted, cheap). Note that if it's crowded on the first floor, there's more seating upstairs. Also I stirred my meal before I remembered to take a photo of it, so it may have looked better when they placed it on the table!
  8. hey there

    I live and work in siam square. Would you mind giving me some names of the girls you are talking about in analisa?



  9. i've been to Suda and Pier 21. Pier 21 is very modern and reasonably priced and everyone likes a good selection. i had read recommendations for Suda and tried it out. I was not impressed. Seemed like it catered more to Western (white) tourists as that what i really noticed most of the patrons. could be dependent on time but i tried it once and it was enough for me.
  10. Still close to many parlors on 33, plus it is a great Hotel. Being a Lifetime Titanium member, they treat me pretty well.
  11. Fantastic duck, close to Saphan Taksin BTS station. Small place, can get crowded and gets very busy for take-out too. Great atmosphere. Worth a detour for a snack if you're going to or coming from the River Ferries.
  12. Just got back from Chinatown. At night, Yarowat Road is lined with food carts on both sides of the road, and more carts are set up on the side streets, in addition to the regular restaurants. Truly a culinary adventure.
  13. saturday is less heavy traffic. but what i do sometimes for DM DM airport if the downtown traffic is bad, i take the BTS up to MoChit and grab a taxi in MoChit. Envoyé de mon SM-N960F en utilisant Tapatalk
  14. Prachak duck. Find it on google maps. Best duck in Bangkok and cheap too.
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  16. Prai Raya, Sukhumvit Soi 8. But beware, their average food is very spicy. If you ask for very spicy, even most Thai people would likely have a problem eating it.
  17. Never stayed there but will have a look next time. I’ve walked girls past there to Boss Suites further down Soi 4 many times with no trouble.
  18. Although given QPP would have closed by then is there any point still staying round that way?
  19. Thanks for your review. I'm still on tap for my Feb trip and will split my time between here and the Marriott Marquis Queen's Park, which I have stayed at before.
  20. I just checked the app and it says Nana branch is inside the station where as Asok is listed outside station. If I remember I'll double check next week when I am back in town.
  21. I had a room at the back and it was quiet no echoes. It did have a window but no view to speak of. I'd certainly have no issues staying there again but YMMV as they say
  22. Stayed here once, it sucked. Noisy lots of Echos. Got in late and the room had no windows. I think there are better options in the area
  23. IIRC you can access that Super RIch by not going past the turnstiles.
  24. Hey guys. Planning a trip to BK for the first time. Would like some recommendations on places that I should try. I love spicy food and a big fan of roast duck if there are any places that do that.
  25. wow, FL outside the door?? anyone know their going rate?
  26. Taxi from Suvarnabhumi to Nana, should be around 40 minutes but can take from experience E few hours.more than that in traffic. As was said above, take the train and BTS. Total travel time is usually around an hour and the cost is about 80 baht. Getting to Don Muang taxi really is the only convenient way and unless you leaving in peak hour travel time journey is usually 45minutes to an hour.
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