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  2. Do any of you have any recommendations for a long term apartment? I'm going to Bangkok in May for a 2 week project but want stay 2 weeks extra for some sightseeing and, of course, some pleasure. Looking for something with a kitchen and preferably a balcony (I'm a smoker). I'm currently torn between 2 different hotels for 2 week periodes (the hotel provide for me is not in a great location for fun stuff) or just renting a airbnb /long term service apartment. Does someone have any recommendations? I've been looking online and the only hotel remotely interesting looking is Arcadia Residences. They quoted me 50000 baht (incl. taxes) for 30 nights which is a little expensive but still manageable. Airbnb is usually cheaper but not much for me because I like a good and central location. In addition I'm kind of put off Airbnb because of all negative attitude against "tourist" in condos (especially because of my mongering ways). Thanks in advance!
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  4. Well, you need something to get all that shit out if your gonna be busy so it's nice to see that they specifically cater to our needs 😉 Let me know how the hotel (and the entertainment) was! This hotel is on my short list for my trip in May so I would love to know your opinion of the rooms and the general services. Be sure, if you want a balcony, to let them know in advance because according to the website it's only available in selected rooms.
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  6. You’ll be fine. Try to book a seat near the front of the plane for a quicker exit but I’m sure immigration will be clear that time in the morning. And also at that time in the morning on a Saturday the traffic will pretty clear you should be at Nana within 45 mins. Personally I wouldn’t bother prebooking anything.
  7. I will always avoid Air India or British Airways to anywhere.
  8. It's funny how one bad experience (and admittedly, yours is bloody awful) will put you off an airline. It's not always that there's a problem, ut it's how it is dealt with that makes the difference. One of the reasons I will never fly westjet to Canada again, when a 9 hour flight actually took 16 hours, which I could put up with, but not when they offered £20 in vouchers as compensation.
  9. I'll be landing at 6am on a Saturday at Suvarnabhumi . I imagine, as I'm getting off an A380 immigration will be a nightmare, which should lead nicely into trafiic getting to Nana. After a 12 hr flight, I will just want to get to my hotel and get my head down for a few hours. What are people's opinion on the prebook fast track and limo service that you can get? I pretty much hate public transport and I will have a case with me, so don't fancy lugging that around on trains. For me, speed and comfort on my first trip to BKK will be the most important thing.
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  11. Haha so I was on the Phachara Suites website looking at the premier room and I noticed "In Room washer cum dryer" was listed as an amenity. With my very own cum dryer, how can I NOT have a good time? Booked 4 nights.
  12. Good find my dude!! I'm going to book a few nights here. Exactly what I want. When I got her in doggy I love seeing her tits swinging around in the mirror. Reverse cowgirl with the mirror is good too. Everything is better with the mirror actually. You kind of feel like a porn star. Thanks Plahgat, but that mirror is too high. Don't think I'd be able to see her swinging tits.
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  14. If you are on a budget and don´t mind old and noisy right on Sukhumvit, and just around the corner from Nana Plaza Soi 4... you have the Parkway Inn with mirrors on wall behind the bed! 😉 Plahgat
  15. Fair question. Even though I'd prefer to not be in Bangkok for any extended length of time, living in Thailand, sometimes I don't have the choice. So it helps to know as much as possible, to make the best of a necessary situation. Case in point, my next overnight in Bangkok is mostly because of an appointment with a shop that only has a location in Bangkok. With no other location, the only other choice would be not making the appointment, and I'd rather not do that.
  16. If you don’t like Bangkok what are you doing on these boards 😄
  17. Honestly, I generally try to avoid Bangkok as much as possible. 🙂 Next week I'll be arriving in Bangkok in the early afternoon on a domestic flight and then flying to the western US on the following afternoon. On the way back from the US next month, I'll fly into BKK in the morning, and fly out on a domestic flight a few hours later. So, the first six hours this time will be sort of a new experience. I'll fly in, catch a pre-ordered taxi to the pre-booked hotel on Sukhumvit. My plan is to get a coffee somewhere near by the hotel, and then walk to one of the two Hwang Jae barbershops and spend 90 minutes there. Following that I have a business appointment which is the biggest reason for spending the night in Bangkok, and then finding somewhere good for dinner. Follow that up with a foot massage at some shop near the hotel, and that should fill up the first six hours. 🙂 I'd normally look for Mexican food if I were spending any time in Bangkok, but since I'll be on my way back to the west coast of the US, that Bangkok staple experience seems totally unnecessary. 555
  18. Plan is always to fuck ASAP. Sometimes the plan is quite detailed, including venues, strategies, ect. Usually the plan is to go to my favorite bj bar (7-heaven) to solve all sexual frustration immediately and address the rest of my stay with a clear mind. The reality is usually eating some real food after 24 hours of disgusting airplane food, taking a long nap, and waking up at a weird time 😶
  19. This is a question that usually depends on the travel time and the arrival time, if you follow the logic. For me, traveling from the states takes 24 hours of travel time where it's difficult to get restful sleep, so usually by the time I arrive I'm tired but excited. I remember distinctly arriving the first time ever in BKK and going to Soi Cowboy straight away and getting drinks and a girl back to my room. While she was getting ready in the bathroom I passed out. That was embarrassing. Luckily she was cool about it ... at least I like to think so as nothing was stolen. 🙂 I have since learned my lesson and since my flights usually arrive around 10pm usually I still go barhopping right away but be extremely mindful of my state of sleepiness and inebriation -- try to get some sleep before I arrive on the plane. Don't want to waste any nights!
  20. 40+ trips to Thailand and I’ve brought nurofen plus (codeine) and Valium every trip. Although I’m prescribed both by my doctor I’ve never bothered to declare anything and not once been stopped and searched or had anything confiscated. Personally I wouldn’t worry.
  21. A couple of years ago i had to bring in codeine. Requirements as you've stated are - GP letter and the forms require pre-approval. I would email them if time is running short, don't chance it by simply declaring, chances are it could get confiscated. Plus you'd be hard to find pharmacies to provide OTC codeine and diazepam, although that is not the case everywhere in the land of smiles.
  22. Was looking for a hotel and found something you might like. Some rooms at Phachara Suites have a big closet with mirror doors right opposite the bed.
  23. Plenty around this one by the massage streets is great
  24. Hi all, I know theres a sticky about this, but it's quite old now. I'm prescribed Co-codomal and Diazepam for a chronic back condition which can flare up intermittently. Thinking 12 hours on a plane won't be doing it any favours, plus loads of "exercise" whilst in Bangkok. When I go to the link supplied to get a permit, it returns; Currently the website is under maintenance. If traveler would like to carry narcotic medications into Thailand, please contact directly to email [email protected] Does anyone know how long it's been down for, I've been looking the last couple of weeks. Once the permit is granted, how long is it valid for? just trying to get my timings sorted out, so I can get a GP letter etc.
  25. Thailand count up to 19 with a possible case of human to human transmission : https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1847884/human-transmission-of-coronavirus-confirmed-in-thailand
  26. Margarita Storm at the top of Soi 13 is a decent option. Open 24hrs and you can get a decent breakfast there too.
  27. Sport corner on corner of soi 22 will likely show it if open when its on
  28. My first thought is The Game near Nana BTS. Also try The Sportsman in Soi 13
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