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  4. W Hotel, Pullman, Landmark, JW Marriott , Westin, no joiner fees LB friendly
  5. I received mine not too long ago. I wrote 90 days and it worked fine with no issues.
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  7. Maybe you can try to find a maid via https://bangkok.craigslist.org/ and list your requires. I saw some offer does mention looking for a maid with extra working. LOL
  8. I have found if you find a girl at a hotel you like, let them know you are interested but tell them you will change hotels if they want to meet in the future. I did this once with a girl working at a hotel bar in Pattaya. We exchanged information, I changed hotels, then she sent me a line message to meet her for drinks and to play pool. She ended up at my place afterwards and we had sex and she spent the night. She never asked me for any money. I left 1000 baht in her purse but it was never brought up before or after. She had an older boyfriend from USA so we never
  9. It is probably best to think of all the hotel employees as off limits. I've seen some very attractive front desk clerks, but it's not worth it. Think about how much information the hotel has on you, most require a copy of your passport when you check in, phone # and email address to make the reservations, and a credit card info. Piss off one of these girls and it could 'haunt" you for a while.
  10. This. Start the roleplay and problem solved 🙂
  11. I read some stories from guys that fucked maids in Pattaya. But all of the stories were at least 10+ years old. Usually most if not all hotels nowadays in the toutist areas have very strict rules for their staff when it comes to contacting guests. If a maid indeed would fuck a guest in the hotel room and hotel management will get aware of this, the maid will most probably get fired. Too much risk and usually not enough reward for the girls. But as usual TIT and YMMV 😉
  12. If they did then all the rooms would never get cleaned lol Poor cleaners have to work flat out as it is to clean up after us mucky lazy guests lol
  13. Invert the proposition: find a sexworker who will clean your room.
  14. I think you are chasing a fantasy here. If there was a viable way for the maids to make money doing extra ‘polishing’ for guests then it would be in place and available. I’m pretty sure that you are not the first to go down this line. The picture below is a sticker on a maids cleaning trolley Nana Hotel Christmas 2017.
  15. Anyone ever found a hotel with maids that would clean more than the room, if you know what I mean?
  16. I would try calling one of those limousine service companies that provide door to door transportation service from bangkok to huahin etc.
  17. If you tested low on testosterone (deficiency) then it makes sense to take it at TRT dose. If you are in normal test range you will shut down your internal test production (testes) and end up needing TRT for life. So think first before you act. CF
  18. You'd be more likely to get recent intel by asking on Pattaya-Addicts.
  19. How much do the girls cost for long time and short time? How much is the bar fine? I hope any of you guys has been there before!
  20. Cool story. I've had a couple of Thai GF's that loved the whole Christmas thing so much.
  21. I am dating an impressive new woman and struggling to find interesting things to do for dates when she asked if i would have a Christmas tree. i showed her the scene from Goodfellas where Henry brings home the tree ("Karen! I got the biggest one they had") and she told me about a 3 story Christmas super-store near Bang Wa BTS. We had a great time and the prices were really good. I paid 700thb for a 4ft / 1.5m tree. she had the best time getting drunk and decorating the tree. 10/10 would do again. I am attaching a scan of the map/contact details they gave and a picture of my Goodfell
  22. The girl I was with was a vegetarian so it was quite the moral debate. I mean bugs are alive right? She ate up in the name of sustainability and insect protein being more environmentally friendly than meat. LOL.
  23. Thanks again mastepriwe: that sounds impressive! 🙂
  24. I did not try Viagra, i tried Cialis, i prefer kamagra gel. Gel is more fast than pill, gel you get a boner in 15/20 minutes or so, pill is 40/45 minutes or so. I am in my 40s, Kamagra gel is top effective 10/12 hours or so, and then less but still effective while 2/3 days or so
  25. Thank you masterpriwe.In your experience is Kamagra gel as effective as Viagra? How long does it last?
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