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  2. I quite like S15 Sukhumvit Hotel as it's close to "everything" (Nana, Cowboy, Terminal 21, Robinson, etc.). For value, the cheap Tai-Pan on Soi 23 is very good IMO. A bit dated and worn, but very good for the price. Citadines (pick any I guess) is a good pick, as the rooms are big and it's fairly cheap too. And they provide a small kitchen and a large fridge in the room. Sukhumvit Suites is another one I like. Small rooms I suppose, but feels somewhat fresh, you can take the elevator straight to your floor without bothering with the reception, and it's right next to Soi Cowboy.
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  4. Try to get a room in the Corner Wing. They feel more modern, but still have the timeless touch I like. Also much bigger bathrooms.
  5. Citrus Suites looks like great value for those huge rooms - nice find!
  6. The Davis used to be one of my favourites as well. Last I stayed there, a couple of years back, it felt like the hotel needed a renovation and the service wasn't as good as it used to be either. Not sure if they've improved on this since. I'd still consider staying there on my next trip - the ambassador suite is just beautiful and makes up for most of the flaws.
  7. My personal favourites are The Landmark & Citrus Suites. Landmark has perfect location and reasonably priced for a ‘posh’ hotel around £100 a night. Citrus Suites is a bargain can get a huge 60sqm apartment for £70 a night and it has both the fastest WiFi & most comfortable bed I’ve experienced in BKK! Location wise it’s not too bad either 5 min walk from NP. If I want something cheap & cheerful I’ll go to Tai Pan Hotel less than 5 min walk from SC. Around £30-40 a night but decent enough and good value for money. Have convinced my work to pay for the Hyatt Regency a couple of times which has an awesome rooftop bar but it’s usually out of budget. Would take a £10 a night shithole right now though if it meant I could be back in BKK 😄
  8. I live in Pattaya and going to Bangkok for business a few times a Year. Favorite Hotels are: * The Davis (Sukhumvit Soi 24) Pro: Good Sized Rooms. Have Rooms for Smokers Usually about 60-70 US$ Con: A bit away from the Bar Areas, one km from Sukhumvit Rd. Not too many Restaurants in the vicinity * Moevenpick Sukhumvit Pro: Nice designed Rooms. Great Restaurants at decent prices. Have Rooms for Smokers Great Sukhumvit Location Soi 15, close to everything. Con: Sometimes the price goes up to more than 100$. But often can be had for about 70 - 80
  9. It seems to be cancelled. https://skyscraperpage.com/cities/?buildingID=104213
  10. What ever became of the proposed Rama IX Super Tower? i can't even find any information online about the status of project: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rama_IX_Super_Tower
  11. I do same because I hate have the wait for my suitcase . Airplane to Sukhumvit usually within an hour.Never been scammed in all my years of travel to Thailand. Just behave and everything will be ok
  12. I don't know if it helps, but I only ever travel to Thailand with carry-on. I pack everything I need in one bag which fits under the seat or in the overhead compartments. I love it. Saves time checking in/fetching suitcases too.
  13. taken in consideration that i'm only working as a chef at http://delicerecipes.com/ that's way too easy for me. lol. but seriously, thanks everyone for recommendations
  14. Airbnb has many pros. For a couple of weeks, makes no sense (and it's illegal). But if you stay one month, you save hundreds of dollars. I usually spend a little more than average (800-1000$ month) but I get nice condos, with pool and gym, and good location. I also want to be able to cook a steak, use a table, lay on the couch, wash the clothes by myself. That pays off the 10 minutes a day I need to keep it clean. I wouldn't get a cheap condo that's for sure
  15. Ah that's convenient! Price seems very reasonable as well.
  16. Seems like a neat place. Rooms look spacious and the Soi 11 location is top ofcourse.
  17. I don’t really see the attraction of AirBNBs in Bangkok given they proliferation of hotels at every price point. Even the $50 p/night hotels are comfortable with breakfast inclusive that is always nice and one less thing to organise. And at a hotel you get the sheets changed every day for you 😉 Each to their own of course.
  18. I've stayed twice at Hotel Icon on Soi 2. Usually around $ 50 US a night (although right now rooms for the fall are $ 37 on Agoda). Quiet, modern place with a decent infinity pool on the roof. Best of all, a short walk through the Rajah parking lot and you're on Soi Nana!
  19. Citadines 11 is another good choice in the same area and for the same price. I don't remember the details, but my room was quite big and stylish. Also food service was ok. A few steps from Oskar, Levels etc
  20. I thought it would be nice to create a thread with favourite hotels or Airbnbs in Bangkok. I've only stayed in hotels in Bangkok up until now but I'd love to discover good Airbnbs as well for upcoming trips which hopefully happen soon. My favourite hotel currently is the Mercure, Soi 11 It fits my budget at around $75 a night. Rooms are comfortable, bathrooms spacious, swimming pool is good and the entire hotel has a modern feel to it. The location is great to experience the nightlife with multiple clubs nearby and easy access to Nana and Cowboy. There are lots of good food options nearby and El Gaucho Steakhouse on the ground floor. I'd love to read recommendations on hotels or Airbnbs from other members.
  21. thanks everyone for your helpful replies. I'm going with work, and that's why i'm quite sure that i would need changing points quite often.
  22. Just book a taxi for the night. I would probably say one of the private green/yellow taxis as they are private operators. Offer them enough and they’ll stay with you for the night, and maybe even provide some advice if you are looking for anything in particular.
  23. i wish all that to be better soon iam lucky my country its for the countrys with small problem
  24. Not so, it turns out that the flights are restricted to Thai's, diplomats and certain key workers. They will have to go into quarantine after arriving and will be obliged to have medical insurance of $100,000. Tourists are still not allowed. So far, reports by the newspapers and even cabinet members have not been entirely correct, it is important to read the final government decrees to be certain what is allowed and banned. It's been said that the emergency will end July 1st but that signifies the end of the lockdowns as the government can still impose other restrictions without that such as blocking tourists from different countries. What's more all the current cases of Covid19 are imported which will make the government all the more reluctant to open their borders especially to countries with high numbers of cases and deaths.
  25. how about international fly? I see in time line of Suvarnabhumi some international fly landing.
  26. we hope to open all and more thel the airports
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