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  2. Nidsay, I was going to bag on your stay at the Travel Lodge as i have had bad experiences with them in the past. > the New Travelodge on SUK 11 really looks pretty good. lot of new stuff there. hope you enjoy your trip. always check trip advisor for best reviews.. I've stayed mainly SUK-Soi 22 area, Holiday in on Soi22 Marriott QPR Soi 22...Trem 21 & Continent by Asoke station.. makes it easy to get around ( Soi Cowboy - Terminal 21- Soi 22 massage. I try to to go too cheap on accommodations as you do end up staying in the room alot one way or another... PArk Plaza also has two nice hotels in the area
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  4. Hey everyone Prepare my trip for February in Bangkok... 😁 Anyone stayed in Travalodge hotel? How are the room? Is the location close to the action? Guest friendly? Anything I should know about before booking? Thanks.
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  6. This is a quick hotel review from my last trip to Thailand that people might find helpful. Location Bless residence sits on a side street off Soi 33, and is a 5-10 min walk to Phrom Phong BTS station. In the immediate area there are a few restaurants and quite a few massage shops, i hear that there is also a BJ bar that has opened as well since my last trip though I cannot confirm this. As the hotel is not on the main Soi its nice and quiet at night for those that don't like their sleep disturbed and of course is girl friendly. Room/Price I stayed in the deluxe one bedroom suite, at the time when the pound was less shit the room cost £33 per night. The room is large and well lit, and the beds are comfortable. there was a shower and bath tub and the bedroom has a divider that you can close to separate it from the lounge. The room was always very clean. Service Staff were very accommodating, no issues. Amenities Rooftop pool, though due to the location no real view. I did not use the gym facilities of food during my stay so I cannot comment. Final thoughts I really like this hotel, the location is good as it is central without being right in the thick of it which I prefer. But you can also roll out of bed for a side order off pussy and its only round the corner. Price wise the room was excellent value for the price I paid, very large and comfortable. The room photo's on trip adviser is accurate and will give you a good indication of what you are going to get.
  7. Any recommendations? Restaurant name? I'm back in BKK in Jan and I really want to spend a full night in Patpong for a change. Cheers
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  9. I'm not a street food guy. My favorite meal was curry crab at Somboon Seafood, which I discovered when I went out to Huay Kwang to check out the soapys. They also have restaurants at a few malls around town. While not a Thai thing, I really enjoyed the chicken rice at the food court in Amarin Plaza on Sukhumvit. Excellent sauce. Otherwise I mostly ate whatever caught my eye at the mall food courts. For dessert, I was a fan of the coconut ice cream at the stand at the Terminal 21 food court. On my first trip, I started in BKK and then headed out to Pattaya and Phuket. The whole fish I ate on the beach at Koh Larn opened my eyes to Thai seafood, so I'm sure I'll be eating more of that on my upcoming trip. I might even try the crab omelette at Raan Jay Fai! They say Thaisamai, next to Jay Fai, has the best pad thai in Bangkok, so you might want to try that.
  10. I have eaten here 3 times. First time, my Japanese colleague took me there and then 2 more times with friends. Ambience is very good and food is excellent. Also have a decent parking area. There is a big menu with good prices. Service is also very prompt and friendly. I have seen many Japanese eating and enjoying there drinks which confirms it's authenticity. As far as I am concerned, I loved the food here.
  11. Sorry to say that I had to postpone the trip until Feb. Still going to spend the first 3 nights at the Sheraton so I will see it first hand. I'm sure it will be a great stay though, based on all of the feedback that I have received. Will let you know then.
  12. I figured I'd have pad thai once or twice for comparison purposes. What other dishes do you recommend? I'm looking forward to the street food while I'm there but it'll be my first time to the LOS so I'm not exactly sure what exactly to expect.
  13. I have picked a FL from Hillary 2 in 2016. It has a live band every evening and entertains the crowd well. People give their song requests and dance when it is performed by the band. It becomes very noisy also as is the case with most clubs in bkk. Same as climax, you need to buy a drink before entry into hillary 2 and vibes are very climax like but area is lesser than climax.
  14. How was your stay? Was the Sheraton up to scratch?
  15. I know this topic has been discussed many times in details, but I feel that it would be of great help if we can highlight top 3 hotels around Nana area which suits mission bkk for anyone who is planning to come here for self enlightenment. This will enable them to reduce the radius of hotel search to get the best one using the knowledge and experience of other veterans here. 😎
  16. Add Hillary 2 to the mix as well. Several people say it is like the old Climax. It isn't as big (as far as I remember) but there are plenty of freelancers in there after Nana Plaza closes.
  17. Thanks for the reply Lev! As for Sugar, never been but I'm not a huge hip hop fan, at least not in clubs. Much prefer good house/deep house or even commercial electro. That's why I tend to go to Insanity. I like Mixx for the girls as I feel there's much more talent there and of higher quality but I hate the music played in the main room. + it's non smoking.
  18. Rainville, My info is from August, so fairly current. 1. Insanity is open until at least 4:00 and get going after 1:00 (or 2:00) on most nights. It is really a later is better option. 2. Not sure about the real "after hours" type places like shock 39/Scratch dog from years past 3. No real replacement for Climax (sadly) Hillary 4 will give you the same band and a few of the women, but does not have the size and variety that Climax offered. 4. Levels gets great talent, but hard to chat with people and can get too crowded around the bar. Oskars for a drink before Levels is not a bad idea 5. Still haven't been to Sugar club on Soi 11, so might be worth a visit.
  19. Hi all! Will be coming once again in Jan 2020. Wondering what are the current situation in BKK. What's the closing time of the main clubs at the moment? Still 2am? (Insanity/Mixx/Levels). Any after clubs at the moment that stays open later than that? Do we have a new replacement for Climax or the best alternative is still Hillary 4? Is Queen Park Plaza worth going still? Any new clubs/bar worth checking out? Thanks!
  20. Yes I’ve stayed there, yes I bought a guest back in. No problem
  21. Anyone who stayed there and brought atleast one guest?
  22. No problem with a guest. They may charge for 2 though I think...
  23. Rock@BKK

    VOA Fee Exemption

    I read in some of the thai news online portals that VOA fee exemptions have been extended till Oct end. Anu updated information if can be shared by anyone will be highly appreciated.
  24. Nice pics. It looks like a wooden house. I liked it.
  25. Thanks for your reply. But it would be helpful if someone can highlight any issue related to their guest friendly policies.
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