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  3. Just booked it. Thanks for the tip. Looks pretty nice.
  4. How about the Shangri-La? Not near the action, but near BTS to get there
  5. I've stayed at the Westin a bunch of times, perfect location halfway between Nana and Cowboy, easy walk to either. A bit pricey though. If anyone cares, the gym there is top notch.
  6. Consider the Westin. Intercon is nice but just seems isolated from the fun areas at night. Also the Athenee is a favourite.
  7. Like many hotels in Bkk. closed for a long time because if covid. If your looking for a good hotel in that area. try the Adelphi in soi 8
  8. Anyone know what happened there? I love that place.
  9. Opening the Bangkok Post online version and the news were devastating about the spread of Covid-19 in Ekkamai meaning that my return to my loved city is gonna take an eternity 😥 After being lucky to receive 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine and starting to believe the world and specially in my case hoping Thailand will defeat this shit a tremendous blow came to me on this Monday making it a terrible start to the week. Living in hope but the time is going and the dream is just looking very faraway ......maybe one day but is hard when life is kicking you on the balls !!!
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  11. My last trip to BKK I stayed at both the JW and Marriott Marquis Queens' Park. The Marquis was nicer, but the JW was being remodeled, so I would assume it is in really nice shape now, It is very convenient to Nana, and is a step above the Intercontinental.
  12. I would go with Mandarin Oriental, or The Siam for Luxury. Rosewood is also nice. Upscale and fun are also Marriott Marquis Queens Park, Sheraton Grande, Sofitel, and Park Hyatt.
  13. Most luxurious ? Something like the Okura Prestige or the Banyan Tree? Sofitel Sukhumvit also pretty impressive. I’ve never found any hotel in Bangkok not to be GF.. but there’s always a first time
  14. Now that things are opening up a little in Bangkok, I'm curious about the situation with street food at night, and all those great little pop-up bars that used to line Sukhumvit. Last time I was there, two years ago, those had started to disappear, for whatever reason. There were still a couple around Soi Cowboy, but that was it. And street food, the noodle places and carts on the sois, etc. Are they coming back now too? Although without tourists they may not have enough business. Curious, though.
  15. Go careful. Lots of ladyboys on that soi. Some fun bars sometimes though.
  16. Thx for the reply. When I'm in the area I'll check it out 🙂
  17. It is a bar on the left before the Aussie place. I think the girls who are outside there are all massage girls. It was during the period before the bars reopened, so I guess she was pretty desperate.
  18. OnNut is an area in Bangkok. Similar to Asoke or Nana or Siam
  19. Yes Soi 7 beergarden is a great daytime spot. Mid day it's not crowded, and every now and then I've found a gem there, even that early. I often go there for late breakfast/lunch at 2 or 3 Pm or so. With Covid I have no idea what it's like though, I'd be curious to hear.
  20. What time/day is best to visit the Beergarden and find some younger girls? If you want we can hangout there together? DM me if you want.
  21. This. After licking doorknobs, shagging working girls would be up there in terms of Covid risk. Overall, the risk in Thailand is low, so if you can take it, go ahead, but if there's any concern at all, better not even bother.
  22. If you are even remotely concerned about covid why would you even consider going with a WG?
  23. I dont see how any testing would be relevant due to exposure risks after the fact, but since thailand is closed I imagine that infections are quite low.
  24. I fell the same with a condo its more convinient for everything and most places are insane. with pools and gyms and shope and everything basically
  25. I like the idea of a condo or apartment instead of a hotel in Bangkok even for a short stay. I have never used AirBnB before but I have looked at the site and tried to figure things out. I get a little confused and find it hard to understand why most places just don't tell you the name of the building so that you can map it out and determine if the place is right for your stay. No big deal. I have always used only a condo in Pattaya and only a hotel in Bangkok. I like the sense of freedom that a condo brings moreso than a hotel. I would be interested in more details about serviced
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