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  4. My friend recently paid 80,000 baht or £2000 for two weeks in a Bangkok Quarantine Hotel. He was forbidden to leave his room with awful cold food left outside his door, as though he was a prisoner. My advice is to wait unless you like torture and you have money to burn.
  6. I’ve stayed in a few but my top choice would be Marriot Marquee, especially if you can upgrade your membership to gold or above, it’s a sweet deal. Great suites, lobby and breakfast. Pool could have been bigger but depending on the season not always too busy. Overall I love the location, away from the craziness but close enough via bts and taxi. The Westin Sukhumvit is also quite nice.
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  8. And for Android, I think there is something called an APK file you can download bypassing the Play Store. I wonder if US will just block app downloads, or block the WeChat servers in some way as well, just like China is blocking Google now. WeChat is a must have if you travel in Asia, even though it's not that popular in Thailand.
  9. That describes most buffets in Thailand for me... Maybe i'm just not that lucky... However most barbecues are always a great experience for some reason...
  10. With Apple... you should be able to unless Apple bans it from every country's App Store. All you need do is create a new iTunes account for another country (New Zealand or whatever), sign out of your device's US app store, sign in with the alternate account, download what you want, then switch back to your primary account. The app still functions even though it was downloaded to the device with the non-current iTunes account. Not sure if updates still work, but it's trivial to repeat the process above if not.
  11. Hello all! The best seafood buffet I have ever been in: https://www.pullmanbangkokkingpower.com/offers/seafood-buffet-in-bangkok/ This is not far from the Victory Monument area, and part of the King Power complex. Not only is the food and presentation fabulous, but the overall atmosphere of the restaurant is wonderful as well. I haven't been back post-covid, but prior to that it was usually pretty full most of the time, with larger groups of family, friends, etc.
  12. US is banning WeChat downloads https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/18/tiktok-deal-still-has-a-chance-but-wechat-dead-in-the-us-says-senior-administration-official.html Will those who are not in the US still be able to download it from the PlayStore or AppleStore? WeChat is not popular in Thailand, but still very useful to have. Some Thai girls with Singapore and China connections use it in Thailand.
  13. Are you asking about the current situation? Everything has changed now, if you are on the Pattaya forum there are discussions there right now about the new 90 day long term visa, and all the requirements that go with it.
  14. I have the same question, but would like to know as a U.S. citizen is a 6 month visa possible. My first post on the Bangkok site, I usually am on the Pattaya site, but thought this site might have additional co-vid info. Thanks for any advice for extending beyond 30 days.
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  16. This. So much this. If the ladies would just understand the needs of the well-established older gentleman who has the means (and isn't going to pound them raw...) and get on earlier in the day. Of course there's always lack of discrete daytime venues and women not wanting to be seen in a particular light...
  17. Great point. These days, I am looking for beer at midday and late afternoon/early evening lady action. Last place I mongered other than BKK was Singapore. Nothing happening until around 10pm. Clubs and 3am non-stop partying bars are useless as a chocolate fireguard to me nowadays. Tom Tit
  18. Once again, Keep It Fun writes a post so that I do not have to: same same me. (I'd perhaps just add Soi 7 Beergarden to my own list. I will often pop in for a few late afternoon beers if there's nothing happening on Soi 4 or if the Morning Night/Stumble Inn birds are annoying me (sudden onset of unsolicited lady drink feeding frenzy 🙄), or just for a change of scenery. Beergarden usually full of old bangers, but late afternoon you can sometimes find a real gem among the rubbish. Older, bolder, and more fun, the gals in there: the way like them.) Tom Tit 😷
  19. Based on the one I talk to on wechat occasionally, I imagine they're not there now as they all go home for vietnamese new year which was pre-pandemic. But normally they stand outside in a group on soi 4 right outside nana hotel. They tend to have lighter skin and more plastic surgery than thai fls in the area.
  20. Can you give some pointers on this one? How do you identify them? Would be nice to get some pink to break the routine lol.
  21. Awesome recap of MNL. +1 on the EDSA Complex. More reasonably priced than Burgos, with similar quality girls. The Go-gos are also nicer and more spacious. Downside, it's a little inconveniently located, taxi in and out is a must. To complete the parallels between BKK and MNL, the LA Cafe bar in MNL is kind of Thermae of BKK for FL pickup (but also different)...even with the same crap going on should you get BKK-nostalgic - better looking girls flock to Asian customers and shrug at westerners, lol.
  22. MNL can be more expensive than BKK, but it depends on where you look and what you are looking for. Comparing top end Go Go to top end Go Go, MNL IS more expensive. For example at Kojax or Plan B: the barfine is 3500 pesos and a sexiest girls will want 3500 pesos for ST which is $144 total, however, 3 lady drinks will be comped off your bill if you barfine the girl. That's worth 1000 pesos or a $20 savings which needs to be included in the total price comparison vrs. doing the same thing in a BKK Go Go ie picking up a girl and paying her barfine plus her lady drinks (no comp in BKK). Now t
  23. Manila has been on my list of places to visit (along with PP) for a while although I was surprised to hear the prices in MNL were just as if not more expensive than BKK. If I had to guess I’d be 90% on the prices being cheaper. Still would like to try at least once. PP is probably first though as I’ve heard great things and it is real VFM.
  24. Gogos for the first few days of the trip. After that, its mainly massage places in the afternoon and escorts or freelancers at night. Love the variety in massage places that Bangkok offers with the oilies, PSEs, soapies, nurus etc. Looking forward to visiting a Kapoo Club on my next trip.
  25. Right now BKK & Pattaya are the only locations I am aware of with open for business Go Go's and Bars. If I had my choice of where in the world to sit out the pandemic, it would be LOS. It is not even close as all the Go Go's & bars in MNL and all the bars. clubs and bordellos in Jakarta are closed. There are still plenty of sex hungry girls in these cities. You can find them on their respective social media sites, but it just not as much fun, IMHO, as bar hopping. An intro to MNL & CGK: In pre Corona times MNL had 2 great night life areas: Makati, MNL Burgos Street and
  26. What bars and/or clubs do you go in Manila and Jakarta? Are they open to tourists now? I enjoyed time in both places in the late 90's but have not been since. Might be worth checking out if they open up before Thailand.
  27. Time is the deciding factor for me. In the early afternoons I like go to oily parlors or ask girls I know previously to come over for a shag, lunch, & a swim. Then in the early evening 6pm to 8pm I like to go to my favorite soapies, between 8:30pm and 11pm is prime Go Go time, and after midnight is the time for hitting up the clubs and/or seeing what is available on the street. Now I don't engage in all these activities & venues every day, but I usually like to have a varying combo of 2 of them per day. For example: I will have an afternoon oily massage & then go to the Go G
  28. 1st Gogo's - I loathe the visit to patpong, and cowboy doesn't excite me. Nana Plaza is it. 2nd - massage shops, this is really my favorite thing in BKK, so much so it'll probably become my number 1 mongering activity I plan to go with FL's more but since I only limit my time to 3 nights max in BKK on my home, I just run out of time
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