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  2. There is Sunrise Tacos on soi 19 and In lumphini there is La Monita, I would suggest the latter but Sunrise isn’t bad for a quick fix.
  3. Good day, Can anyone suggest good Mexican restaurant in Bangkok?
  4. Don't look rich, don't piss off anyone with power. If their goal is to get a bribe then they know they can't get blood from a stone. Many thousands of people pass through BKK everyday, you're more likely to get hit by lightning then get scammed in the airport if you're being just a regular joe who is leaving Thailand.
  5. heard that border crossing sucks, the worst scams and problems in thailand. but if you're heading to shitville i guess its the best option.
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  7. It might be luck of the draw. One thing to avoid is the duty free scam. When you pay for the items that you bought, the cashier throws in a little extra that you think is a freebie. Then you are stopped by a cop for shoplifting and taken to a facility, there you meet a guy who can make it "go away" if you pay the fines.
  8. I've heard of a few instances of scams taking place when leaving Thailand. People being jailed and setup, bullet in the luggage or made up issues with your documents. Does anyone have tips on how to best avoid this or is it just the luck of the draw?
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  10. It was just one lady identified and she's back in China now from what I've heard. You'd have more worries about an elephant grabbing your balls with his trunk than contacting that flu variant at this point.
  11. Cheers! What is your purpose for traveling to Cambodian border - border run or you just want to explore Cambodia? Visa run from BKK Here
  12. Just wanted to check about the health advisory about Chinese flu virus case reported at bkk airport... Any update ? Sent from my SM-T231 using Tapatalk
  13. I will try this during the coming trip in feb Sent from my SM-T231 using Tapatalk
  14. Vientiane consulate had no such requirement- I wrote 90 days, got my visa without any fuss. Varies alot between consulates from what I've heard.
  15. malorf

    goo กู

    To the western mind, an impolite first person pronoun makes no sense at all, and couldn't possibly offend anyone. But hey, we don't use the Thai language to interact with western minds. The word is definitely impolite and will make people confused and/or angry if you use it in the right situation.
  16. If price is a concern, Gateway Ekkamai, the mall connected to BTS Ekkamai, has an entire floor devoted to cheap japanese restaurant chains. You can get rice bowls/ramen for 100-200 baht.
  17. opps that comment was for a different review this hotel. Rather should be: Good new hotel location can be a little troublesome but good value for money
  18. The one I picked up in the Hard Rock Cafe and shagged in the the Siam Square Novotel in 2015 wasn’t bad. Naomi, I think she was called. Lovely. Tom Tit 👹
  19. You can try Shakariki 432 at Silom Soi3. This is a Japanese chain restaurant. Products are always fresh. Bill is average. The best Jap food I have ever tried in BKK was at Uomasa Thonglor soi 13.
  20. I will recommend Bangkok International Dental Center at Ratchada. Do my annual cleaning their as well done several filling. Everything is up to EU standarts. Price for cleaning was 1900 THB. Can check more info Online
  21. Yayy, finally all Canadians craving some coffee , its happening this weekend. https://bk.asia-city.com/restaurants/news/tim-hortons-to-open-bangkok-weekend ☕
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  23. I use Asavanant. Just off Thong Lo BTS. A bit more expensive that some, but very good and reasonable by US standards. http://www.asavanant.com/
  24. You can book an appointment for consultation with a doctor prior or after your cleaning and its free. I was at their sukhumvit soi 5 branch earlier and had to schedule mine as they couldn't do a walk in cleaning that I wanted so I schedule an appointment for cleaning following up with a consultation with the doctor for a potential implant Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  25. Hi All, It’s my first post here, your *knowledge* would be much appreciated! - By ‘Cambodia Border,’ I mean Hat Lek/Koh Kong. - I *assume* my choices from Bangkok to be mini-van, shared taxi, private taxi, or bus. More? - I would really prefer to *not* stop in Trat- if possible! - Is there a website I can use to book my trip? If so, please post it, ‘cause I don’t know it. - Ideally, I’d like a mini-van to pick me up at my hotel and hit the road straight to the border, bypassing Trat. You may say I’m a dreamer, hope I’m wrong! - If it must be bus, where in BKK are the starting points? I’m located near Saphan Khwai station, are the only places to get a bus Mo Chit and/or Ekkamai? You know Mo Chit’s much closer, for me. More? - I *assume* a bus would go no further than Trat, I’d have to make my own way from Trat to the border. Never done it, don’t know how to, if you do, please tell me! - Details, please! E.g., frequency of bus departures, getting from Trat to the border, how early do busses depart, is there anything else you know that would help me out? - Is it possible to book in advance? That gives me a better chance of getting a mini-van the day I want to go, rather than showing up and being told “everything’s booked today.” - I’ve got friends coming in for the first time to S.E. Asia, it’s really important that I be there for them. I have everything set up for them, it’s just this issue I need to sort out.
  26. Will Bangkok Smile do a general checkup on the teeth as well? I couldn't find any prices for that on their site. I'm thinking about getting a checkup, a thorough cleaning, and try home whitening. Does anyone know if I need to go back again for a followup after I've gotten my home whitening kit?
  27. Thanks for the heads up and useful information .
  28. When I went I seem to recall it was 300B+ a pint although some beers were like 7/8%+
  29. Somewhat but it is a craft beer bar.
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