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  3. Samui one opened today. No domestic travel there though at the moment as far as I know.
  4. https://www.phuket-sandbox.com/copy-of-faq
  5. As of now, only direct flights from overseas are allowed to land in Phuket via international carriers such as Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines. If you fly into Bangkok, you will need to do the ASQ 14 day quarantine. The good news is the authorities are planning to create a special transit area in BKK Airport for passengers on their way to Phuket, so that rule may change in the near future.
  6. What’s the deal with this Phuket sandbox when it comes to flying in? Is it direct flights only? What about if you’re flying from somewhere long-haul that requires a change at Bangkok… is that allowed, as long as you don’t leave the airport?
  7. Tolerant? I'm not entirely sure. But certainly relaxed and non-confrontational. So yes, it's very nice to live among them.
  8. Anyone who has been in Thailand and been in a non mongering situation for any length of time will soon realise Thais are very racist. I put that down to their insular outlook and their many different Governments who are all like Dynasty's. Much the same as North Korea.
  9. It looks like the Phuket sandbox opened up.
  10. The nightlife in Bangkok is shut down. At the minute it's not amazing at all.
  11. So are you saying that opposing same-sex marriages is what you consider to be "tolerant"? If that's so, this is an all new meaning for the word "tolerant", not one I've seen before.
  12. Well the philippines has been tolerating both good and bad. They are so far the only country to stick to the truth in the bible when it comes to big issues such as same sex marriage, which is clearly easy to see in other countries. You see, being tolerant is not about allowing everything, but also stepping up to stand against what is really wrong by moral standards of a normal person at the very least. That is all true.
  13. Well i do hope that cooking course is worth it because a travel like that is really hectic for me. I do think of a way to make it easier for you but then it would need to depend on your budget at the very least. Some say it is not really easy to work with that kind of travel.
  14. I really like The Grand President; it's really close to a lot of action; not too far from Nana or Soi Cowboy if that's your thing.
  15. Never had this happen to me in my 14 stays at the hotel. Or do you mean your in the room and the girl comes to your room escorted by the staff member?
  16. Surely that’s going to be a massive turn off for everyone? Especially when there’s loads of 4.5/5 star hotels that let you just walk in with girls without any hassle
  17. Hotel's for Nana Action: There is Alt Hotel Nana, it's on Soi 2 at the end of Soi 4 Nana. They have shuttle service (back and forth) directly to Nana Plaza. They have two Buildings A and B. In B there are also some Freelancers (incall). The rooms are standard. Building B has also monthly rental options and isn't that expensive. Teja Hotel. It's near Alt Hotel Nana, a little bit hidden on the opposite street. Rooms again standard, but also has shuttle service (back and forth). Walk to Nana maybe 5 minutes. Hotel's for Freelancer Action: Amora NeoLux Hotel in Sukhumvit 31. Rooms a little bit above standard. FL don't need to go to the reception and can enter the elevator without problems. It's also near Sukhumvit Soi 22 (Massage and Bars). Solo Express in Sukhumvit 81. This is perfect for all the Freelancers near OnNut. Rooms are a bit under standard and could be modernized. So for holiday and relax maybe not the best action, but just for meetings it's perfect, but it's also super cheap. FL don't need to go to the reception. This is true for both buildings.
  18. The Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit is one of my favourite hotels in Bangkok. I stay there every other trip. Decent gym, club house-style facility and lagoon-like pool area (though the water isn't heated). However, the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit is expensive. It's a luxury brand (in Asia) after all. You don't have to register girls, but the hotel makes you sign a waiver each time you have a girl go to your room. The waiver is you acknowledging that you take responsibility for the guest. A staff will escort the girl to you room and you have to sign the waiver at the door.
  19. I always stayed near Nana Plaza. Easy and quick to bring girls back to my hotel. Majestic Suites on Sukhumvit Road, just around the corner of Soi 4 is my pick. However, the rooms are very basic. More upscale is Majestic Grande in Soi 2. Now it's a Hilton Hotel I think. Rooms are nice and way more modern than Majestic Suites. How I miss being there and fool around in Nana Plaza 😞
  20. I like Grand president too, nice big rooms, the suites are spacious and not too expensive with full kitchen and big living room. There are two main towers, tower One has the lobby and front desk, so I avoid that as the lobby is always busy and I don't like bringing girls right past the front desk if I can avoid it. Tower 2 across the driveway is nicer and much more discreet for bringing a girl or two back. Never had anyone ask any questions. Across Soi 11 is another tower with smaller rooms, it's fine too, no problem bringing anyone back. And the location on Soi 11 is right in the middle of everything.
  21. I like to stay at the Grand President on Soi 11 whenever I am in Bangkok. I did find another hotel that I like that is also on soi 11 quite a bit closer to Suk; it's called "Eleven Avenue Suites." It's next to the Taco Bell. 'a little cheaper than the Grand President.
  22. Ordering through Thai friendly, one remark though, I find it astonishing how few profiles are there on this site if you know Bangkok is a city of 8 million people.
  23. I think more information is in order. Will you be going after the bars open back up? Will you be ordering in via Thai Friendly? For instance, while the Capella is upscale, it's near the river and nowhere near where the clubs and bars are on Sukhumvit. Sukhotai isn't near the main drag either, but maybe that doesn't mean as much if you're going when clubs and bars are closed.
  24. I will staying in the Sheraton Sukhumvit, the Okura Prestige, the Sukhotai and the Capella Bangkok. If there are guys who stayed there previously, please let me know how it was...
  25. Interesting topic, just looked into this now, because maybe airbnb, serviced appt or hotel for "longstay" might be one of my options. When I read the price above, 45.000 baht..it might be worth to consider Majestic Grande in Soi 2. The name is changed into Hilton. I stayed there a couple of times, and one time I stayed a full month for 60.000 baht. This was including breakfast and ofcourse all the standards you usually get in hotels.
  26. A good option for a middle ground solution is long term rental option with (bigger) hotels. Shama Sukhumvit is in the middle of the action (entrance to soi 2 and 4, close to Nana) and a great hotel with a minimal one bedroom suite as an option. Stayed here in the past and it was great for me. Nice kitchen, washer in the room, balcony and not (totally) outdated. They, at the moment, quote 45.000 baht for a 1 month rental. I got this offer 2 weeks ago so I think this will be valid for the coming months (will probably be until tourism is back in full swing) Conditions: · The above rates are net inclusive of 10% service charged and 7% government tax. · Utilities with *Electricity and water supply Allowance as unlimited · Maid Service (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) · Linen changing 2 times / week · Complimentary Wi-Fi internet access throughout hotel. · Complimentary access to pool and fitness center. · Cable TV with international program · 1 parking space · Fully furnished and equipped kitchen with washing machine. A lot of hotels offer these kind of long term rental offers so it's an option available. It's probably a little bit more expensive then a Airbnb but with the added bonus of hotel services and the knowledge of what your getting for the price and location. So maybe for the right deal and price it's a option worth exploring. Airbnb is really hit of miss and, I guess, only a option if you staying for +30 days. Plus, for me personally, I will always questions beforehand if the property management/security will be girlfriendly.
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