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  3. Thank you masterpriwe.In your experience is Kamagra gel as effective as Viagra? How long does it last?
  4. I never tried Cenforce, i tried Apcalis, Sidegra and Kamagra gel. Kamagra gel fits better to me, and its cool because its far cheaper than the others. 50 kamagra gel box, bargained 700 baht (they often ask for 800 / 1000) on Sukhumvit, close to Asok BTS station
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  6. Iโ€™d second that recommendation! We tried the bug cafe in SR too and the food actually tasted good! The red ant spring rolls were a particular favourite of mine ๐Ÿœ
  7. Repeating what was posted on P-A, there was apparently an incompatibility between the latest version Invision (the forum software) and the Tapatalk forum plugin to that software. So management removed the Tapatalk functionality until Tapatalk updates their code. The forum seems to work pretty well in a smartphone browser. You might give that a go.
  8. Hi, I don't seem to be able to find the forum on Tapatalk. Has this function been disabled? If so, is there another app I can use?
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  10. Right. Did you check the generic name Sildenafil citrate 100mg? It's all the same if the active ingredient is the same (save of course the buffering agent might affect your stomach differently, or impact on the absorption time.)
  11. Thank u Ravenchriist. I checked that website ...cannot find they have it, but i appreciate your assistance. ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Dude, I went to Bugs Cafe in Siem Reap and had quite the experience. We ate scorpions, crickets, some sort of larvae and a huge "water bug". I think it was a roach but I ate it anyway. I'll eat almost anything but that was a challenge. The night we went they were out of tarantula otherwise I would have had that too. If anybody is going to Angkor Wat, check that place out.
  13. Might have a look at viagra 4 thai dot com If you do order from them, use a pseudonym when you order and pay by bank transfer. Reason is that if anyone asks for a tracking number, they'll just send a scanned list of all the Kerry packages going out that day, which includes some people's real names (but not addresses).
  14. Does anyone know a pharmary (or similar) where I can obtain cenforce-100 (India made Viagra)? Thank you in advance.
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  16. I also were condoms, but still get tested each time I return home to Los Angeles. So once a year. I keep in on my phone and it comes in handy on occasion. I had my condom break once. Put the TG's mind at ease. i also had a few girls who would not travel with me without a test result. Which is good, because then I make them test, so I can bareback while off to Phuket or Koh Samui or where ever.
  17. Never as I always bag up (as much as Iโ€™d rather not to...!)
  18. How often do you bkk mongers get health check for you know what?
  19. I watched a Mui Thai Tournement through the app WithLocals that was a great experience a few years ago. It was touch and go before hand as the Matches were changed to a local Thai Championship and they normally did not allow Farangs. But our host pulled some strings and got us in. We sat about 10 rows from ringside and had a great time. Great fights.
  20. I enjoy Din Tai Fung located on the very bottom floor of T-21. Din Tai Fung is a famous Taiwanese Dum Sum. I have been in Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles (Arcadia and Glendale) as well as Thailand (Terminal 21 and Central World)
  21. I'll be sure to make a note to try it there next time. +1. Pepper Lunch is a very decent quick steak option. Go for the top menu item, it's still cheaper than getting it in a steakhouse.
  22. I have a thing for Pepper Lunch. Itโ€™s simple, cheap & tasty (really like the beef option!) and with the chain not being in the U.K. itโ€™s something I always look forward to when I come to BKK ๐Ÿ˜„
  23. I know it's weird but fried bugs really taste good. It's exotic, really but its crunch is amazing. I mean, I was hesitant to try it at first but it was amazing once I tried it. They even taste good with seasoning, promise.
  24. Oh wow, Terminal 21. There are so many delicious food there on the food court. Amazing how they feature different cuisines though. Still, I find myself coming back for that super tasty Tom Kha Gai. Best soup ever.
  25. I love dining in Jua, it has a nice ambience and really really great food. It's also pleasing to the eyes because of its vibe. Their food is tasty. REALLY. They serve both Japanese and Hawaiian food as the main chef used to live there, or so I heard. My favourite food is their katsu sando anf miso caesar, amazing.
  26. I've been to many hotels in Pattaya and I love them all. After long times of chilling outside and appreciating their view, I sometimes go to my room and even play online poker in luckyslots which was supported tbh.before I sleep lol. Anyway, I think this is a helpful tip for anyone who is looking for one. https://www.tripadvisor.com/HotelsList-Pattaya-Spa-Casino-Hotels-Motels-zfp13830788.html
  27. It is a huge metropolitan city. As with any city if this size, there is obviously crime. But generally Bangkok is pretty safe. You are far safer here than most Western large cities.
  28. Please be safe! I think it's not good to buy pills on streets. I will never buy one on the street even if the packaging is good. Although it may be safe, there are still some which may not be safe especially if doctors do not recommend it. please ask an expert first.
  29. If it's Christmas time, then I think you can try out some amazing holiday buffets. I hear there are many like that in the area. if you want buffet, I think it best in Mandarin Oriental, Amari Watergate, or Cafe Claire.
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