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    Prai Raya, Sukhumvit Soi 8. But beware, their average food is very spicy. If you ask for very spicy, even most Thai people would likely have a problem eating it.
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    Taxi from Suvarnabhumi to Nana, should be around 40 minutes but can take from experience E few hours.more than that in traffic. As was said above, take the train and BTS. Total travel time is usually around an hour and the cost is about 80 baht. Getting to Don Muang taxi really is the only convenient way and unless you leaving in peak hour travel time journey is usually 45minutes to an hour.
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    To DM it has to be a taxi as there’s no train allow up to an hour but should be less
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    For inbound journey, traffic will be quite heavy so train/BTS might be a better option if you are not carrying a lot of luggage as trains can be busy too.
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    So I stayed here last month. Pros: room quite big, bed is very soft (for those of you who like soft beds this is better than St Regis Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Regency). Extremely well located if you prefer Soi Cowboy or Thermae and not far from Nana either. Gym is big, nice sauna too. Hanging around the pool during the day is excellent. Cons: bathroom very tired, blue ceramic wall tiles are mouldy (but was obviously too expensive to replace on their recent very limited refurbishment). On balance (and for the same price) I would stay at St Regis or Hyatt Regency. They have a cigar lounge and a bar downstairs where you can supposedly pick up quality freelancers but it was dead when I checked it out.
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    For that budget I think Majestic Suites if you want to stay near Nana or Sukhumvit Suites or Tai Pan Hotel if you want to stay near Soi Cowboy
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    Westworld is a tv series about an amusement park for adults where you can do whatever you want. The main attraction is their ultra realistic robots that look exactly like humans... They are almost more human than the humans lol... So most people eventually fall in love for those robots because they are so real... Somehow my life in Bkk is sometimes like an episode of Westworld... I jump into this amusement park that is the red light district and have my own adventures... Im playing this game for a long time, so now I changed the rules, I play my own games and i dont want to get out... Im addicted to it.... Inside this amusement park I can be even more playboy/bad boy than outside in the real life... Maybe this is actually the real me... who knows... And in the same way one of the guys from the series falls in love for a robot even when we knows she dont have feelings because those feelings are just programing... I also fall in love for this girls... I also know its not real... All the words and feelings are just scripted...(kinda like a Westworld robot...) But I dont really care... I just smile and enjoy the moment...
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