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    My personal favourites are The Landmark & Citrus Suites. Landmark has perfect location and reasonably priced for a ‘posh’ hotel around £100 a night. Citrus Suites is a bargain can get a huge 60sqm apartment for £70 a night and it has both the fastest WiFi & most comfortable bed I’ve experienced in BKK! Location wise it’s not too bad either 5 min walk from NP. If I want something cheap & cheerful I’ll go to Tai Pan Hotel less than 5 min walk from SC. Around £30-40 a night but decent enough and good value for money. Have convinced my work to pay for the Hyatt Regency a couple of times which has an awesome rooftop bar but it’s usually out of budget. Would take a £10 a night shithole right now though if it meant I could be back in BKK 😄
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    It seems to be cancelled. https://skyscraperpage.com/cities/?buildingID=104213
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    One of my favorite restaurants in the area is Indulge, located behind Cowboy on the main road before the traffic lights. They have great wines and an amazing menu.
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    Hey, over here in the Philippines for a little bit and it seems all these hotels have huge mirrors by the bed. It seems to add a lot to the fuck experience. I’ve stayed in several hotels around Bangkok and not any that I’ve stayed in have these. Does anyone know of one?
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    Don't look rich, don't piss off anyone with power. If their goal is to get a bribe then they know they can't get blood from a stone. Many thousands of people pass through BKK everyday, you're more likely to get hit by lightning then get scammed in the airport if you're being just a regular joe who is leaving Thailand.
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    i prefer the cleaners only clean my room once very 3-4 days, i hate the feeling of new sheets on my bed. ill sometimes ask them to clean the toilet and wipe the floors but im pretty clean anyway. i think daily room service is too much. i never eat in hotels since theres a hundred better places within 10 minutes of the hotel too. if there was an option to get a cheaper hotel roo price without room service, i would jump at it straight away. perhaps the solution is an airbnb but with a hotel room as accommodation.
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    Just use Agoda, TripAdvisor, etc to find a hotel close to the action. You might find that Majestic Suites is a bit too loud at night.... or you might find it absolutely perfect. It depends on the days you are staying. As long as you are a 5-10 minute walk away from NEP, you will be fine.
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