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    I will recommend Bangkok International Dental Center at Ratchada. Do my annual cleaning their as well done several filling. Everything is up to EU standarts. Price for cleaning was 1900 THB. Can check more info Online
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    Not really? Did you have anything specific in mind? I have stayed there every now and then. You can still skip the reception if you don't want to show off your lady friend to the friendly reception staff, although they do have some rooms on the same floor as the reception, so request a higher floor if that is an issue.
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    Just starting some conversation here. What do you usually do during your first 6 hours after landing in Bangkok? Me: - Exchange cash in the BKK airport basement. Primarily for the convenience of doing it now rather than in the city. - Airport Rail Link into the city. I enjoy the views from the skytrain and it's a nice acclimatization to vacation mode. - Check in to the hotel. Coming from North America, I would've been traveling for ~24 hours. Shower, groom and all that. Admittedly this uses a lot of time. My upcoming trip I may just drop everything in the room and head out immediately. - Usually lunch next and usually at Terminal 21. Upcoming trip I'll be staying in the Chit Lom area so not sure what I'll do for lunch. - First fuck is usually a bj bar or massage. After ~24 hours on planes and layovers my body needs the pampering. On one trip I did an outcall first but had difficulty performing due to jetlag and physical tiredness.
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    I used to check in at Hotel, shower and head out for a BJ and a beer followed by a lot more beer.... ahhh the good old days. And last few hours on leaving do it in reverse- check out go have a few drinks then get a BJ and back to hotel to pick up bag and head to airport. Lately I’ve become boring and check in then wait for my regular girl to show up and then go eat and relax until the evening when it would be sexy time and sleep. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'll arrive around 9am on saturday. Got some Bath with me, but guess I will fill up with some more on the airport. Taking the train to Nana. Hotel room won't be available until 2 PM. So get a haircut, maybe a good massage and a few beers. A power nap when I get the room. And later on the fun begins!
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