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    More closures in Bangkok https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1883570/bangkok-malls-to-close-from-sunday Pol Gen Aswin said his order was the result of consultations with the BMA committee on communicable disease control, and based on Section 35 of the Communicable Disease Act. The venues to be closed include: restaurants (except takeout and restaurants serving food for hotel guests) shopping malls (except supermarket zones, drugstores or zones selling necessary items and food shops (takeout is permitted) markets and weekend markets (except sales of fresh and dried food and cooked meals for takeout, animal feed, drugstores and other necessary items) beauty salons, tattoo service shops skate and rollerblade venues or other similar services amusement parks, bowling lanes, gaming and internet shops golf courses or golf driving ranges swimming pools or similar service venues fighting cock venues Buddha amulet sales stalls exhibition and convention centres educational institutions at all levels including tuition schools weight-control services and cosmetic clinics health spas, animal spas, massage parlours, herbal treatment centres, cinemas, theatres entertainment places, boxing stadiums and boxing schools, sports stadiums and horse race tracks.
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    Nothing. It's more to keep you calm, on the assumption that you are simply a nervous patient. For most people it is fine. It doesn't block pain. In my case, i need work done on my lower teeth and blocking injections literally do not work on one side of my lower jaw. The rest I'm happy to have done just under a local. When I had eye surgery under twilight medication I had local anaesthetic as well and it was still painful but bearable. No way am I getting major dental work with no effective blocker under twilight. Problem with most dentists is that they think you are imagining it if they give you 3 or 4 times the usual amount of anaesthetic and you are telling them it didn't work.
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    My experience from March 20. TM7, passport size pic, passport, 1900 baht. Other than the 9 1/2 hour process.....quite easy. Wear a mask.
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    Well of course, it is a gloomy, depressed mood overall but beyond anybodies control. Tons of bargirls, bar staff and managers, are laid off on "unpaid leave" and remain in limbo. They face the uncertainty of not knowing when the bars can reopen. Fortunately though, Thais can stay with their families for free and certain Thais can claim up to 5000 baht per month from the Thai government.
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    Thailand Imposes Curfew - https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-thailand-curfew/thailand-imposes-nationwide-curfew-to-curb-coronavirus-idUSKBN21K261 Bangkok Post - https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1891810/nationwide-night-curfew-starts-friday
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    I will drop in for some nachos on my next trip.
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    The Game Bar & Grill do an awesome Nachos Supreme Tex-Mex The Game is on Sukhumvit Soi 9 under BTS Nana Skytrain Station
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    Lately I've been trying to travel around a bit more to see new places and get out of the big city a bit. I've recently moved just outside of Bangkok (Patum Thani) to that end as I was tiring of the traffic and state of affairs in my last area. After reading stickman's recent article regarding Udon Thani I thought, well why not give it a shot. Boy was I disappointed. The trip over was painless enough- I flew from Don Muang to Udon for about 800 baht with a duration of about 1 hour. Taxi from the airport to the hotel located in the 'city center' was 200 baht standard. No real options for finding anything else. Got to the hotel, checked in and decided to wander about. First impressions- Hit the massage and bar areas first and despite being early afternoon there were a decent number open. Mostly empty, but a few had a number of older gents who appeared to be locals at their favorite spots sharing a beer and watching sports. Of the other, less occupied bars there was a common theme- two staff, one 30s-40s Thai woman and one large ladyboy. I kid you not, this was the case for the first 4 bars I approached. I'm usually keen to have a game of pool and a beer even at a bar that's not right up my alley so I still stopped by but was largely disappointed at what I saw. A number of massage places were open and I did the rounds checking out the girls sitting outside enoying their lunches or mid-afternoon snacks. A good portion had been snacking a bit too much and were a bit large for my tastes. I spotted one really cute one but as I walked over another guy parked his motorbike in front of the shop and headed straight in with her. Such is life. Spent the next several hours roaming around the rest of the bar areas and decided to pop into central and the market area adjacent to it. Stickman had reported that the general populace was noticeably friendlier and happier to see foreigners. This was not evident in anyway. Throughout my stay I switched from the tourist foreigner not knowing a lick of Thai to the expat with a fairly expansive knowledge depending on the situation and tried to judge which yielded better results. Both were fairly evenly disappointing. As the evening wore on I ventured back to the bar areas and made several more rounds bringing my total bar visits to about 15-18. Sadly, at night the pickings remained slim (and yet not slim size-wise) and the number of really beastly ladyboys was surprisingly high. I had often heard that LBs tended to head to BKK as it is a more modern and accepting society versus where many were born and the associated traditional mindset. Perhaps the demand by foreign visitors is making that not the case. To wrap up this rather long-winded post I'll say that I was disappointed to such a degree that I checked out of my hotel later the next day, abandoned my return flight set for 4 days later and purchased a ticket from Udon to Utapao and spent the next few days in Pattaya which is a known commodity to me. TL:DR - if you are considering Udon for a visit, my recommendation is to give it a pass.
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    https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1876449/thailand-cancels-visa-on-arrival-for-18-countries-visa-exemptions-for-3 VIsa on arrival would be canceled for 18 countries Visa exemption would be cancelled for South korea, Italy and Hong Kong
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    agree, Cali-Mex is tasty but the portions don't even fit anorexia patients.
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    While both Coronavirus and Influenza are both RNA Virus types they are not the same family. Coronavirus is subfamily Orthocoronavirinae, in the family Coronaviridae, order Nidovirales, and realm Riboviria. Infuenza is family Orthomyxoviridae order Articulavirales and realm Riboviria And while the symptoms are similar the viruses themselves are very different. With the flu strains there are vaccines and ant-viral treatments available. There are currently no commercially available vaccines or anti-viral treatments for any coronovirus strains. But there has been extensive work on MERS and SARS that may help develop a vaccine for this strain in a more timely manner. https://theconversation.com/when-will-there-be-a-coronavirus-vaccine-5-questions-answered-130590 For actually comparison points the "Common Cold" is actually a coronavirus HCoV-229E.
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    Precisely so as not to stigmatize a particular country, in this case China. So Covid-19 means Corona Virus Disease 2019. We live in the era of political correctness, it should not be forgotten... . It was not the same thing at the time of the Spanish flu. 😉
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    The Game sports bar...south of Soi 11, right under Nana BTS entrance. good stuff
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