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  1. Right now BKK & Pattaya are the only locations I am aware of with open for business Go Go's and Bars. If I had my choice of where in the world to sit out the pandemic, it would be LOS. It is not even close as all the Go Go's & bars in MNL and all the bars. clubs and bordellos in Jakarta are closed. There are still plenty of sex hungry girls in these cities. You can find them on their respective social media sites, but it just not as much fun, IMHO, as bar hopping. An intro to MNL & CGK: In pre Corona times MNL had 2 great night life areas: Makati, MNL Burgos Street and
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  2. Time is the deciding factor for me. In the early afternoons I like go to oily parlors or ask girls I know previously to come over for a shag, lunch, & a swim. Then in the early evening 6pm to 8pm I like to go to my favorite soapies, between 8:30pm and 11pm is prime Go Go time, and after midnight is the time for hitting up the clubs and/or seeing what is available on the street. Now I don't engage in all these activities & venues every day, but I usually like to have a varying combo of 2 of them per day. For example: I will have an afternoon oily massage & then go to the Go G
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  3. After being here for so long, I rarely go to the gogo's now. They're fun, but do find there's so many better options for the money. I do seem to spend too much and after a few drinks I'm a sucker for lady drinks, especially in the hands on place. It's now an occasional treat. Beer bars have never been my thing, I'm always happy to have a chat with someone, but again after being here so long its the same conversation each time. After a health scare I try not to drink too much now too, so when I do go out for a few drinks prefer to do it with friends rather than bar girls. I use massag
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