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  1. Staying right now at the Ramada on 12. Price with fees on Agoda is about £40gbp. Third time here. I'm staying alone in my room, as I prefer to use external facilities for my fun. However, no shortage of men with guests here. Even one African lady. Breakfast is great. Good pool & very unusually, they will call a meter taxi for you. As has been mentioned before though, the walk along Suk is quite part of the experience. Can be recommended.
  2. You are exactly right Mark, but it should be pointed out the local ferry in its own right is just tremendous fun. I often take it just for the ride. You really get to see the underbelly of the city that way.
  3. Looked like coppers, but saying that not brown uniforms. Definitely a riot squad, shields, batons. Didn't make out any serious weaponry. All seems quiet though. Nothing on the news.
  4. I passed through BKK on Sunday. Roads were clear until we went past a stadium (sorry don't know which one). Taxi driver couldn't explain clearly the commotion. Later I found out it was a red shirt rally. Now I grew up around North Kensington (Notting Hill for those unsure of the geography) & lived I Brixton in the early eighties. For non British I should explain that during the 70's &80's there were massive riots in London. But in all that time I never saw anything like the preparations the Thais were making in case it kicks off. Is anything imminent?
  5. We know culturally it is wrong, but can we explain our western idiosyncrasies. My Hungarian wife freaks out if I walk into our apartment in London with my shoes on, but she can't understand why I get stressed if she licks the bread knife. Not much help, but some things are just wrong!
  6. Thanks Slowdive. I like soi 22. It seems just a little pedestrian if you catch my drift. It seems to service the local hotels, but isn't a draw as such. Thinking about Thonglor£, but seems very middle class Thai kids? Any advice?
  7. Sorry to put an edge of realism here. Suk is fine, but generally crap food, overpriced & most people, farang & Thai alike ready to relieve you of your hard earned in a blink. Don't get me wrong, it's the first place I'm headed end of the month. But I am now super selective on where I go and how I get around. It is almost impossible to say his without appearing hideously racist, but the middle eastern visitors around Nana now make it nearly impossible to move up there. Who can advise on the next hot area, but with a similar draw?
  8. I'm there on 727th. Advice about a decent supplier would be good. Bought some very annoying understrength tabs last time.
  9. IMHO just be smart. You are extremely unlikely to be robbed with aggression, mugging etc. Stealth is a different matter. Leave it down too long, you stand a fair chance of losing it. But is that unusual to BKK?
  10. Just checked the survival phrase link. When the girl said "you have no idea how far a little thai will go" I had to quit it from laughing. Unintentional I'm sure, but thanks for that!
  11. I agree with Bar4. Riverboats are great, as are the canal boats if you can take the pong of the khlong. BTS/MRT are fine and easy, though I find the gaps on MRT service frustrating. Taxis are fine in emergencies, but not great during rush hour if you are in a rush!
  12. Last time I was there I ate at a fantastic shop house restaurant in Soi 12. On the left just as you walk by Darlings. At least I think I did. It was only open until early evening, but fantastic food. Was I imagining it or does some one else know it?
  13. What sort of prices currently at Citrus 22? I'm coming up with £36 sterling on Agoda, or about 2000b with taxes etc>
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