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  1. Try Hama-ichi on soi 29 next to the Legacy Suite hotel. I ate there once and I was very satisfied with the menu options. I saw several Japaneses eating there at the time which for me is a good sign of an authentic Japanese restaurant.
  2. http://bangkokfoodtours.com/tours/ I've been curious about them. I am mostly interested about the food tour to chinatown. Han anybody experienced them?
  3. This is the right link to the Thonglor Marriot http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/bkkbp-marriott-executive-apartments-bangkok-sukhumvit-thonglor/ It looks like a great place, but for me it is a little too far from the Cowboy-Nana play area
  4. You have to try the food stalls at Soi 38 I ate there and it is an awesome experience. Try the lost food stall on the right hand side of the street. The soup with fried pork is absolutely amazing. Also, at the entrance of the soi on the right hand side there is a food stall (a little hidden) that serves authentic pad-thai. If you do an internet search about food stalls on Soi 38 you will get a lot of useful information
  5. I stayed at the Grand President in my previous stays in BKK. The location is unbeatable! Always got a suite on Tower 2. Noise has never been a problem, internet is pretty good, nice pool, nice gym, and very private. But, breakfast was pretty limited in the options and a lot of mediocre Indian food served (yes, for breakfast). The hotel is in urgent need of renovations as well. I also stayed at the JWMarriot, but that is a completely different game in town (luxury hotel and pretty expensive for BKK).
  6. I just posted the same question about hotels and Airbnb. I have used Airbnb for trip to south america and it has been great. I am wondering how that would work in BKK. I know hotels are cheap in the Sukhumvit area, but I like the idea of more room and more privacy that an apartment gives you compared to a hotel. Avvvid, I would like to hear your experience once you are back!!
  7. I agree with Nakhon, the Grand President is a good option if you stay in a suite. The location on Soi 11 couldn't be better, no join fee for guests. Only one of the 3 towers have a front desk, so if you get a room in a tower without a front desk then it is very discreet to bring guests. For security, all elevators require the use of your room key. But, the hotel needs some upgrades. I am looking for better options for my next trip to BKK
  8. I am planning my 4th trip to BKK and I was curious about renting an apartment this time. I always stayed in a hotel, but the idea of renting an apartment is very appealing to me. Has any of you have any experience with private apartments? Any recommendation you can give me? There are plenty of private apartments to rent in the Sukhumvit area (I checked Airbnb) and prices are very reasonable. Are the ladies concerned about going to an apartment instead of a hotel?
  9. Thanks go Jay5335 I went to this place to try the ramen. To get there you can take the BTS to Phrong Phom and take exit 3. The soi is very close to that exit. Walk up the soi for about 5 minutes or so. If you think you went to far, you didn't. Just keep walking. On the right hand side of the street you will find a tall yellow building called 'Royal Castle', the restaurant is right after the building. I would post pictures of how the place looks like from the outside so you can find it more easily, but I need to figure out how to attach pictures! I had on ramen and one beer for 370 baht. Not
  10. I was there last night and I had a bowl of soup from this guy. It was simply delicious and for only 50 baht. As you enter the soi, he is the last food stall on the right side of the street. I also try the famous 'blazing pad thai' guy. He is as soon as you enter the soi on the right side as weel, but he is a little hidden so look for him. A delicious pad thai dish was only 80 baht.
  11. There are a bunch of street food stalls in Soi 11 that are open very late. Last night some of them were still opened at 2.30 am
  12. Can anybody recommend a dental clinic where I can get a tooth whitening treatment? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
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