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  1. Just wanted to update, stayed there December 2016, and will be back May 2017. Staying at Phachara again. Good location. All rooms have a combo washer/dryer (so I can pack light). They DO have smoking rooms. Check in was sllllloooooooooowww. Took them 30 minutes just to check me in. They were friendly, just very slow. Friendly employees. Nice rooms. The gym is barely okay. Dumbbells, 2 treadmills, 2 benches, water, towels and a few machines from 1980. Decent breakfast buffet (if you prepaid while booking). They are a pain in the ass about bringing guests back. YES you will have to chec
  2. I booked a room for January '17 from Orbitz.com I was able to select from Smoking or Non-Smoking. I picked Smoking and it says that on my booking confirmation email. I personally don't mind if they do not have smoking as I typically don't smoke inside the room anyways. I'll update when I check in, unless if someone beats me to it.
  3. Okay, researching further, apparently you can buy testosterone in a pharmacy in Thailand without a prescription. Now the question is, does anyone know which pharmacy around nana area will sell legit gear to a tourist? I want to buy a few vials of Test cypionate.
  4. USD to THB is looking pretty good right now. :D 12/8/2016 - 1 USD = 35.62 THB
  5. Thanks for the update on Phachara. I look forward to my stay in Jan '17. I'm glad they have a washer/dryer in the room which will allow me to pack much lighter for a near 2 week stay.
  6. Are you serious? Testosterone over the counter? Ive asked for test at pharmacies in BKK and they tell me "you need a prescription"... I highly doubt it's available OTC... I would love to buy testosterone on my next visit lol. Sent from my FRD-L04 using Tapatalk
  7. Has anyone recently stayed at Phachara suites on soi 6 by Nana? How was it? Breakfast, location, gym, service, guest friendly, etc? Thanks for any info. [emoji1] [emoji106] Sent from my FRD-L04 using Tapatalk
  8. Do they have a washer/dryer to use? Im looking for a cheap place with access to washer/dryers... so far I only know of Grand President on Soi 11 and Phachara Suites on Soi 6.
  9. Ive only seen fake roshe one's and airmax at MBK. Never seen fake Jordans or Yeezys in Bangkok.
  10. Thanks guys! Now I know what to get and whats available. I appreciate it.
  11. haha, I don't drink much, but when I do, I actually prefer a "light" beer. I'll have a Heineken Light, or something like that on the rare occasions that I do have a beer here at home in the USA. My question is, in typical beer bars, gogos, beer gardens etc, what kind of "light" beers are available? Asking the waitress seems like pulling teeth, and they don't know or have a clue half the time. I'd rather just know a few locally available light beers and say the name directly, instead of asking. Can you please post some easily available light beers? I'm not picky since I'm not a beer connoiss
  12. I will be in bkk during April also, but I purposely booked my trip a few days after Songkran. LOL, I hate getting wet, dirty, and dealing with crazy crowds etc. lol If you don't mind it, it looks like a very fun time! Enjoy your trip! I'll be there beginning April 19th
  13. Another one to the list, Phachara Suites. According to website, all rooms have a Washer/Dryer. ~$65-100 USD per night
  14. Hi, there is a 2014 thread about this topic. But hope to update it. Can you guys please post hotels with Washer/Dryer in the rooms...? AND possibly the average price per night. Thank you! I know Grand President on Soi 11= Suites and Jr. Suites have Washer/Dryer in room. Hoping to find others.
  15. Stayed at Grand President Soi 11, no probs with noise. Decent location.
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