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  1. if you book through agoda all the extras are free
  2. was at stadium skytrain station yesterday looks as if the protesters have taken over the sports complex but not many protesters around but they have blocked the main road off you are still able to walk through it wont effect getting into MBK
  3. they say pattaya is overflowing with tourists believe me its not low season has started you just need too look in the bars at night and the deck chairs on the beach the local falang papers are full of lies on the subject
  4. after a time the wood filler will start to show at the joints where they are not cut properly and stained over so be warned
  5. the best way to tour Bangkok or anywhere is get a map and go take your time and enjoy the place you will run out of time
  6. eastern furniture is not designed for the western world due to the wood not being treated it will split in time
  7. thecaptain

    Business Visa

    what type of business is it you are dealing in ?? then people will be able to help a bit better
  8. just ask the flight attendants sure they do on most airlines
  9. i always bring some xmas puds about the white powder i wouldnt like to explan it too them if u are serched this end u proberly can buy it in frendship or one of the other supermarkets
  10. no problum with this in the UK you just have to wait for all the immagrants to get waved through to the welfare office where they collect there funds for the week before they become regular money takers think about it
  11. thanks full of good useful information
  12. an iranian has had his legs blown off first there was 2 explosions in a flat he was renting then he ran onto the street and threw a hand grenade at a taxi then another at a police officer i expect a 3rd grenade took his legs of 3 people reported hurt one old man was shown on tv in hospital with bandages on his face but was able to talk to reporters it happened in the eckami area full reports coming through on bbc news
  13. I depart heathrow at 2245 and arrive next evening at 1900 however with a 2 hr stopover i dont sleep the night befor i fly and this helps me sleep on both legs of the flight
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