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  1. Nope, the same was in Japan an that time. cheers t.72
  2. Don't worry, immigration shouldn't ask you. There is even something live visa run when people just cross the border for a while to have extension (a new visa, actually). I have been questioned one time. The question was: do I speak Thai since I have so many Thai stamps in my passport.
  3. In the Krabi city is a street full of massage parlors. When you take a bus from Ao-Nang, and go out in the Krabi you have to walk a little bit further and the street is on your left hand side. No problem to find. Prices lower than Bangkok but you have to be sure you are in the good place since some of the parlors are veggie (at least for foreigners).
  4. OK, 1st, vaccine for HPV is only for girls who didn't have any sexual intercourse (virgins). I have never heard, read about vaccination for man. 2nd. Before you decide to circumcise think about pain, stitches and time. It's not like cut a skin on your finger, it's quite serious treatment. If I were you I wouldn't do it as an adult.
  5. But what if server is located in other country?
  6. Don't even think about buying on the street. Go to a regular drugstore/pharmacy and buy an original one. If I good remember 6 pills of Kamagra cost 1200 B.
  7. As a expat (not in Thailand, unfortunately) I travel to BKK quite often and usually I took an airport link (except issues when my plane arrives after midnight). Why? The answer is:I usually stay near by Soi Cowboy and connection: train + MRT (you have to walk 3-4 min between stations) is much faster than a taxi. The same when I fly back. Going to airport by taxi during rush hours is pain in the ass. t.
  8. Hotel name: Citadines 23 Price 1700-2500 (depends on season, booking on advance, etc.) Booking: internet GF: yes free wi-fi: yes It's one of 4 citadines in Sukhumvit area, personally, I like it. The standard of all Citadines is the same (I also stayed in Citadines 8 and 16). One exception is that Citadines 16 doesn't provide a breakfast in the building - you have to go to another one.
  9. Most of Thai are very friendly (I have some very good Thai friends - bot male and female) but once upon a time I had problem with a crazy motorcycle rider. I was walking on the walkside on RamaIX and there was a horrible traffic. One of the riders wanted to omit the jam and rode on a pedestrians place, bad, there was not enough place for us both and he scratched his motorbike. As you can imagine, he stopped, started to yell on me, even spit, he wanted me to pay for the scratches (funny guy - rode on the pedestrian area and had some problems). It was not more than 1 min, there were some secur
  10. Go to OnNut BTS station. Find some place there. 100% it will be veggie massage but also it will be a real Thai massage (hint given by my Thai friend). cheers t.
  11. LB treat themselves as girls. They don't think they are gays. If you will treat a LB like a woman he/she will treat you very nice. However, some of LB around Nana are pretty aggressive. Generally speaking, they are just women in men bodies and you can find them almost everywhere in LOS. There is one, quite popular, working in the food court at domestic airport in BKK. cheers t.
  12. Yup, the same. I have found that prices at CC market are...higher than in downtown (probably for farangs). If you waant to buy anything the best way to go with Thai friends - in that case you will get pretty nice price. t.72
  13. The turist places are pretty safe. Only one thing: be careful with black guys (nothing personal!) on the Sukhumvit. They are looking for drugs transporters. cheers t.
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