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  1. Free and Easy Basic to Advanced:Lean Thai
  2. Noticed this as well. I hope not. Time to buy one of those cheap condo's if you can. You can always rent it out when your home and you wont have to worry about the inflated lodging prices that are sure to come.
  3. As we all know prostitution is illegal in Thailand. Call me paranoid but This is what ran through my mind when I read your question: Asking a third party would make me nervous.ONE: The Women will be falling all over you!! TiT (this is Thailand) TWO: ask the wrong bloke and it might just cost you some Baht or a visit by the BiB :ph34r: if they think your a good mark and there's tea money to be made. THREE: I don't know about you but I like to Make my own choices especially when it comes to women everyone has different tastes and getting birds this way will almost always be a disappointment. Y
  4. BKK really sucks, you should just stay home!!! But if you must come I have simplified your itinerary for you. 1 catch the sky train into the City, 2 unpack, shower,3 Hit Nana or cowboy go to any club or beer bar and walk up to a Thai man and remember to smile and say (this is your fist Thai Language lesson) "luke gah-ree" This will in turn get you your first Maui Thai lesson!! Then you can go for your TUK TUK ride to Hospital. And by morning you should get their due to the Heavy Traffic.After they release you with your Broken jaw you can go by the paragon Mall and pick up some straws to eat yo
  5. Seriously You are a Douche Bag!!!!

    Have a Hektick

  6. You are brave my friend I think Thailand has more Road Deaths per year per capita than any other country in the World I don't doubt your skills I question the Thai drivers Mentality and or skills when on the Road.Get a Helmet and Wear it spend some money on a good one and be extremely careful Good Luck!!!
  7. Hey flashermac the 9k baht a month place is not to shabby for the price. went to the site it says it 8k a month, But anyway Question have you stayed their and is it as nice as the picture? Because really this is all you would need for a "Home Base" as it where and cheap on the buggie Thanks
  8. Just an update for anyone intrested: Trips available on Airport Link test run Published: 31/05/2010 at 04:12 PM Online news: News Updates Members of the public will be able to take a test ride on the Airport Rail Link train from now until Friday night, State Railway of Thailand governor Yutthana Thapcharoen said on Monday. The test ride will run from Phaya Thai station to Suvarnabhumi airport and there will be no stops along the way. The trains will leave every 20 minutes. The trip will take about 25 minutes. The test runs began today and will continue until Friday, from
  9. Just a quick update I guess this guy and his buddy are now facing a death penalty for their involvement in the Bangkok Riots. Defiant farang redshirts
  10. I understand where you are coming from my cousin has lived outside bangkok for 8 years now has a Thai wife and one 6 year old son,but is not politically active.He left that behind when he left the states, but as you said this guy just does not fit the bill!!! no passport or money Aussie guv sez his background is ify at best. In my opinion this could cast Farang in a bad light of being trouble makers or takers in their society. Kind of like in the states everyone blames everyone else for being dregs on society. If its not the rich Its the poor or the white or the Latinos or blah blah blah blah
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