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  1. No reason other than it is the most luxurious of the Marriott/SPG options and I have never stayed there. I have stayed at Sheraton before and it is very nice. I always stay at the JW Marriott for its prime location next to Nana but thought I'd change the routine a bit this next trip coming up.
  2. Anyone stay here before? Is it girl friendly? Any other details would be appreciated: room size, comfort, location, service, dining, pool, fitness, etc.
  3. How do I contact those groups?
  4. Oh price from street vendors is negotiable and so cheaper. Although I forget how much. It was not very expensive.
  5. I have tried only kamagra gels from street vendors. The packaging looked spot on and the gels worked great. Once I found out that many pharmacies sell them I buy from pharmacies now.
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