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  1. What bars and/or clubs do you go in Manila and Jakarta? Are they open to tourists now? I enjoyed time in both places in the late 90's but have not been since. Might be worth checking out if they open up before Thailand.
  2. No reason other than it is the most luxurious of the Marriott/SPG options and I have never stayed there. I have stayed at Sheraton before and it is very nice. I always stay at the JW Marriott for its prime location next to Nana but thought I'd change the routine a bit this next trip coming up.
  3. Anyone stay here before? Is it girl friendly? Any other details would be appreciated: room size, comfort, location, service, dining, pool, fitness, etc.
  4. How do I contact those groups?
  5. Oh price from street vendors is negotiable and so cheaper. Although I forget how much. It was not very expensive.
  6. I have tried only kamagra gels from street vendors. The packaging looked spot on and the gels worked great. Once I found out that many pharmacies sell them I buy from pharmacies now.
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