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  1. I am thinking of a two month stay and the idea of a serviced apartment in a nice area of town, preferably an expat section but not necessarily a tourist area within walking distance to a skytrain or metro stop. Any suggestions or links to places would be appreciated. Over on the Pattaya board there are lots of information on rental units both short and long term, but I have found nothing here.
  2. Walkout the entrance turn left cross the main road and you are at Soi Cowboy. Walk out the entrance turn right you can walk to Soi 15 where the Therme is at. Walk out the entrance and up to the sky train, one or two stops and you are at Nana. Go downstairs and you are at Terminal 21 for food and shopping. Great location...I normally stay at the Marriott across the street.
  3. I did not do an interview with any of the ladies of the night at Barsu so I have no idea what they are asking. Yes non hotel guests can go their for drinks and food, there is an entrance at street level.
  4. No ID check, however if your date looks a little young ie under 18 then you could/should expect the security guys that stand near the elevators to say something.
  5. I agree with what the OP posted, I have stayed there twice, the second time I got a slight upgrade and the shower was larger and had a small bench that you could sit down on. Also the hotel has a bar on street level. Bar Su, inside you will find single unattached Thai women. It’s not the meat market that you will find at other bars, more of an upscale freelancers. I would like to add that the breakfast buffet in the morning is really good, I get a corporate rate so it is included for me.
  6. EVA is a good airline. AVOID any of the mainland Chinese airlines.
  7. One thing that put me off about my stay was the closet for your cloths and the safe are in the bath area, I prefer having these two items in the main room.
  8. What I normally do is have the hotel provide a car...yes it costs a bit more, but not having to deal with the taxi mafia, and having someone who knows where to go is a nice thing.
  9. If your not really truly going to school for an education, you should think about another option. I see the visa situation heading to a more western approach. If your old enough to apply for a retirement visa, that would be a wise move.
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