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  1. Ok thanks for the replies. N sorry there was a mistype above, I meant I'm 'not' in my 50's :) cheers
  2. Thank you both for your replies, Will Follow your advice :) n was the sidagra 'useful' ? N how much time before action did u take it? I'm in the 50's but afraid can't provide for all the young ladies :) thank u for your feedbacks :)
  3. On a side note, can anyone point out on a map the pharmacy they usually go to? Wouldn't want to mis interpret n go to the wrong one. N how do u guys usually ask? Write it on a paper n pass it o the pharmacist? Since its 'undercounter' business.. Cheers n thanks
  4. Ok thanks for the replies guys, was looking at those hotels myself. Any1 can give good reviews about them? thx
  5. Hi guys, I've been looking through all the information in this forum, n there's really a lot :) thanks for all the sharing. a quick question though, can anyone recommend any of the hotels found in-between soi cowboy n nana? (like "on8 sukhumvit Nana Hotel" or "Sofitel Bangkok Hotel") i would like to hit both places during my stay in bangkok, or is that not recommended, and i'd rather choose only one of the places? Any input would be most appreciated, Cheers
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