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  1. Ok, for argument sake, forget beergarden and back to the question. 1. The den... But not freelance. 2. Beergarden... Past it's prime... 3.big dogs... Given a mention above. 4. What about the Hillary bars...Hillary 4? 5 anything else? 6 or is it over to the soapy and bj bars?
  2. Yes, I use hotspots often and a lot of the freewifit at bars, restaurants, etc. However, the hotel I stay in sometimes has one downside...the wifi sucks. I also like to travel a bit. I hate the roaming charges. As a result, was curious if wifi routers are easily available. Found Tokyo,Singapore, and many european cities have reasonable rates on wifi routers. Less than 10 used unlimited data. Similar in Thailand? I never noticed in bkk airport but am curious.
  3. Anyone know if you can rent a wifi router at bkk airport for use in Thailand? When traveling in other countries I found these little devices fantastic.
  4. At Phacara, the first joiner is free, but if you bring more than 1 a day they will charge you and I have had it enforced on more than 1 occasion. Extra for a 3 some and when I had brought a couple back in a short period... Few hours. Still like the place.... Location and size of the 1 bedroom apartments
  5. Was in apotheke a week ago. Always loved the place for a chill bottle of wine, nice date atmosphere, and great music. Unfortunate and quite sad that the regular singer, musician had a heart attack and passed away recently. Nice that they left a memorial photo on the wall.
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