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  1. Consider the Westin. Intercon is nice but just seems isolated from the fun areas at night. Also the Athenee is a favourite.
  2. I really miss Climax. Found so many great punts there.
  3. Asoke seems to be easier to get in/out of as well. Soi4 hotels can be a pain to get a car or taxi into.
  4. Agree on Raintree. I use the one on soi 23. They have branches around town.
  5. Would you have this route? I've always paid tolls (2) even when I booked a car which included tolls.
  6. The same app works around the world. Using my AUS app in Europe and USA as well. BUT Uber is hit and miss in BKK. Had some great rides but BKK drivers aren't great. I want to make an "asian drivers" joke but the average BKK driver as no idea. Taxis in BKK are good & cheap as a rule. If you get a dickhead, just get another one.
  7. They seem to have a HUGE marketing budget. Their ads appearing everywhere and seem to be endorsed by every ex-pat media writer. It will be interesting in 12 months what to the business will be like....
  8. MrFreeze, what rate did you get at the Marriott? How is the roof top bar there?
  9. I also find the pool cold after rain. So during the wet season, you might notice as well.
  10. I tried uber in bkk and it was hit and miss. If you get a good driver, you are fine. While I don't won't to make sterotypes, all the jokes about about asian drivers in BKK are true.
  11. Just check their website. No Thailand web site. Can you explain? Cheers.
  12. One of the things that work for street food in Asia than western food is no refrigeration. Sounds crazy right? A litre of milk can last at room temperature for (only?) 6-8hrs, however it will last a week with refrigeration. So guess what happens in the west, we have some, put it back in the fridge and we could be actually having week old milk and be OK with it. So in asia, (and include Singapore & HK as well as less development countries like LOS & Vietnam) the hawkers and street food vendors only buy the amount of food they will sell/serve that day. They can't store it for overni
  13. The continental at Asoke is girl friendly. Best place close to everything especially Soi Cowboy. Get a rate with free breakfast. Great western & Asian spread. With real bacon. (got caught out with that beef-bacon sh|t at other hotels.) I agree to be careful with hotels deep down the soi. Especially if that soi is a way from the nearest BTS. You'll be walking in the heat all day. I've been caught in soi 11 & soi 13 hotel with flash flooding. The soi will fill in minutes to almost knee deep water. Taxi can't/won't get through and can take a while (maybe 30-60 mins) to clear in t
  14. Have a look at the Continent Hotel on sukhumvit road. Great room and the you can't beat the price for that in the area. Girl friendly and always great service. Get a rate with the free breakfast. Great bar on level 35 Close to Cowboy, the subway, BTS, terminal 21 But also close to the Soi 22-26 massage places as well....
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