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    American, that lives in Thailand 50% of the year, back and forth, I have a Thai/Chinese Wife, born in Thailand, she has a Chinese father, she has never been to China, and we have a new Son, I stay when in Bangkok, in the Saimai District of North Bangkok., I know Bangkok very well and live, travel, and eat like a Thai when there.

    I own the website www.how2travelthailand,com and I own the website name of my new upcoming site www.buymybuddha.com and I am Wayne of Youtube Channel Zebraman777333
  1. I have been in bangkok for very long times, and ONLY seen one very small snake on the road a foot long, so no worries LOL
  2. if you have a Thai wife or baby you can get a one year visa to Thailand, then a one week visa run each year
  3. The visa run is a no brainer, very easy why pay others to charge you for something you can do easy yourself, it really is not hard, get a bus by land, but I like to Fly, to PP, it is cheap, and $20 US Dollar Cambodian visa stamp, spend a few days just for fun, hotels are cheap, and see a few things, then fly back, if you fly air Asia don't let them mess with you or ripe you off, and fly a week before your due out, if Air Asia tries to pull ANYTHING to get more money from you, go to the Tourist Police, really they have been known in the BKK airport office to try to pull scams. but other then that, VERY easy,for what you would pay the company, you can do yourself and have way more fun
  4. I am American too, I get a 3 entry Visa, then visa run to Cambodia every 2 months, and stay for 6 months, then you can ask for more time too, but also go to Cambodia, it is cheap and easy, and apply for 3 entry 6 months more, and you always get it, the your set, and back in no time
  5. I'm American, so maybe no the same, but I have done this kind of travel in Thailand, using it as my base, I get a 3 entry Visa, that gives me 6 months, 2 months at a time, and when asking for my visa I write a short letter to explain my trip plans, I make my return ticket from BKK back to the USA, for Americans I am required to have a return ticket already when asking for the visa.
  6. Here is a video I made about this App that will teach you fast and FREE to count in Thai, even into the 1000's The App is call "Learn Thai Numbers"
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