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  1. It's not there yet, any chance of it?
  2. Stayed there about 6 months ago, excellent place. Big room, big bed, no joiner fee. Girls didn't even have to check in at reception (can be a negative though) Wifi in the room was bad, outside the room excellent. Would stay there again for sure. Any specifics you need to know?
  3. I recently stayed at Raming Lodge. I don't know if that's in the budget you're talking about Bu location wise it's excellent
  4. Stayed at a Superior bedroom was fine, plenty room for me (how much do you need for 3 days?) Bathroom could use a upgrade, but was alright. Combined shower/bathtub, so not to big. Saw a mates Deluxe room, indeed a bit bigger, not that much. But with Majestic, it's just such a great location :)
  5. Booked there for april, seems like a decent deal
  6. If you're going for beaches and sightseeing I would advise you to go to Phan Gan. I stayed at Samui, Phan Gan and Tao last year, and Phan Gan was by far my favorite. On the other hand, if you want to party, bars, girls, etc....you're much better of on Samui.
  7. Ok, thanks for your reply. I'll be staying in one of those two in april, and I have to say Majestic Grande looks great.
  8. This hotel looks great indeed. Does anyone have any experience with Majestic Suites? That looks decent too, and is a fair bit cheaper.
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