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  1. Went back and I recant that statement, the last time the jaoizi was poor (dry, 90% filling mixture was way off) and the xiailong baozi while usually a no brainer was also rubbery and not very juicy. Could have been an off day, but a poor showing vs their taiwan and singapore branches by far and $.
  2. So you went to udon with the primary purpose of great bars/massage girls? Seems more like a case of mismatched expectations.
  3. best dumpling and xiao long baozi in thailand... but pricy.
  4. Good delivery, but needs some work... I ordered twice - not enough sauce both times, dry, light on cheese (that's ok in of itself), but needs some more sauce), cooked properly, delivery was solid/on-time. If ordering a single pizza, far better options exist for the $ IMHO. However if it's the only one open, it's a solid option.
  5. While Ronnie's was okay when it first opened, it's hardly what I would call good italian pizza. For my tastes, it's hard t beat Bella Napoli (soi 31). Not perfect, but reasonable taste/quality/value.
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