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  1. Centre Point is on the beach road, set back from the road. You'll see the ladyboys out late afternoon trying to drag in punters to the show. There's a centre point website which has a wealth of info on the bars and gogos here, as well as a map http://aonangcenterpoint.info/
  2. I was in Krabi in March. There's not a great deal of action there compared to other major resorts, but enough to keep you entertained for 3 or 4 nights. You want to head to Ao Nang for the best action. There are 2 basic hotspots to hit: Centre Point, which is a small/medium complex hosting around 10 bars, a ladyboy cabaret show, and 1 gogo bar on the 1st floor (I think). This area gets loud and lively as the night goes on, and you'll find a few freelancers hanging about as well as flirty girls staffing the bars. The other area is soi sunrise (roughly opposite the McDonalds), a smal
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