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  1. Slightly off topic, but not being in thailand right now how is the real situation in bangkok and thailand. Im just trying to understand how bad things really are and how much of it is the media driven both in thailand and in the world. There didnt seem to be any real precautions for about 2 months but i dont really hear any reports of massive numbers of serious cases in thailand. Given that thailand was the 2nd worst after china i was expecting to see some pretty bad numbers but i havent seen alot in the news, facebook, social media ... even talking to thai friends i dont hear alot of deaths a
  2. heard that border crossing sucks, the worst scams and problems in thailand. but if you're heading to shitville i guess its the best option.
  3. Stayed here once, it sucked. Noisy lots of Echos. Got in late and the room had no windows. I think there are better options in the area
  4. Heard tailor on ten actually at rhe end of soi 8. A bit expensive. Amsterdam tailor on 11/1 has good quality and ok prices.
  5. Saphan khwai has alot of options I would guess so does Chatuchak and worth checking. Have a look around seacon square or ramkhahaeng near the stadium. Big foreign university up there which always means bars and girls. Getting in and out sucks so you might want to invest in a motorcycle
  6. See what the packaging date is. No way it is kept at proper temp so if it’s not from that day it seems sketchy to me. Same with tops but the sushi sucks personally even as an option to Mcdonald. The sushi at sushi express in terminal 21 is cheap fresh and ok for the price. Also try sushi and other prepared meals at emporium. At 7 it goes on sale all the prepared food is on sale 30-50% off. Its kept at a better temp than other super markets and it’s pretty good and ok price. 89-130b
  7. Does anyone have a suggestion for amount to tip the girls for various extras hj oral fs? Thanks Walked into Nico today just to look at the price list but was out walking around all afternoon and did not feel like getting a scrub. Could use a cold swim instead. Anyways the place seemed really nice and the 3 girls i saw around reception looked petite and pretty. Will return for a scrub.
  8. I took the govt bus i think this week pattaya to bkk. Only took 90min from pattaya to ekamai bus stn pretty happy with that guess you could take the bus to bkk airport and then train it in if the traffic was heavy.
  9. Always hear good things about healthland massage. There are many and one just north of terminal21. Good services at good prices. The one on ekamai offered deep tissue but not sure if every location offer the same services. Also the wat pho school has a branch at soi 37 beside Tokyo joes. A little out of the way but good services.
  10. I wanted to get some feedback if thats ok by and admin. i am looking at renting 2-4 bedroom condo in the asoke area with the intention to airbnb the extra room(s). I have heard that its not really legal but talking with a couple of friends in the guesthouse industry it is possible if its not too in your face. the places im looking at have a relaxed policy on airbnb with a few already in the buildings and guests already coming and going. the questions i have are would you be willing to use an airbnb shared setup with a private room and private bathroom with use of the kitchen and l
  11. Any other suggestions for st options around soi 15 area?
  12. I second the snake farm and displays. Coming from a place with basically no snakes its great to learn about them. I would go again and its pretty cheap. Go in the afternoon when there is a presentation. I believe the morning show is milking venom but i could be wrong.
  13. I would skip spice tours for bike tours. The guide wasn’t very good. Co van Kessle bike tours look good , they go out to the less traveled areas of bangkok. Not sure about the others.
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