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  1. But like I said, many girls prefer down home Isan food over the fancy Thai cuisine. That Thai style tastes real good to me too and I have an equally good time if not better in some of these joints with my girls. Here are just a few examples and recommendations: Baan E-san Muangyos on Soi 31 - an all night Isan eatery. I come her often with my various bar girls. 555. The staff know me well and are very discreet. Ha Ha. Soi 57 Seafood Street Cart - I love this place. F 55 Pochana - Spicy Pork Salad. - A Chinese / Thai storefront - great food and relatively cheap. F 55 Pochana - Clams in Red Pepper Sauce - Really Yummy!
  2. There are many great restaurants to take girls in BKK, but do it for your own benefit and not to impress the girl. Most girls would just as well prefer a down home Isan style restaurant. That said, I have taken a few of my favorite girls to Kinnaree by Vanessa WU on Soi 8 too and we enjoyed some great meals. Kinnaree has a very nice (romantic) garden setting and they serve elevated, classical Thai food. On one particular night I even ordered a glass of their Thai red wine from Hua Hin. It was surprisingly good!
  3. Living in South Florida I have my choice of flying trans Pacific and arriving around 9pm or flying the Euro route and arriving in the morning. There are positives and negatives about both routes although they have similar durations and costs. If I arrive in BKK in the AM I take a taxi to my hotel, check in, and RELAX. Hang out by the pool, change money, and have a nice lunch. On morning arrivals I usually make plans to rendezvous with one of my favorite girls for dinner and a Tequila party in my hotel room. That means I kick back the whole day and take it real easy unless I can't control the urge and go to a oily in the afternoon. If I arrive in BKK around 9pm I take a taxi to my hotel, check in, clean up, change clothes, and hit the Go Go's and nightclubs. I make plans to see one of my favorite girls on the following night. If my arrival in BKK is from some other Asian city like Jakarta or Manila, then my arrival is no big deal because it is a 3 hour flight or less. I always choose an InterAsian flight that arrives in BKK the afternoon, so I head to my hotel, relax, and go out looking for girls later like it's just another ordinary night in the big Mango.
  4. Both hotels are very good. I like them both. Slightly different locations is a key difference aside from price, but again both locations are good..The Sofitel has a slightly nicer pool and is a slightly more luxurious hotel than the Blu. I would rate the Sofitel Sukhumvit a 4.4 * hotel and the Blu a 4.2* hotel. The buffet breakfasts in both hotels are very good and both hotels are extremely girl friendly ie no limit on number of guests / no id carding. Both these hotels are heavily discounted at various times. I would never pay the rack rate at either hotel. A good rate at the Blu is between $90 and $105/night. A good rate at the Sofitel is between $95 and $114/night. In the same league and proximate location I would also recommend the new Hyatt Regency (good rate $125/night) and the Weston (good rate $100 to $120/night). Bathrooms: Blu has a large floor to ceiling see thru window separating the shower and bathroom from the bedroom / living space. Sofitel Sukhumvit has a similar window, although it does not have a floor to ceiling view because it is directly behind the bed and is partially blocked by the bed headboard thus it does not provide as good a view plus you have to turn around with your head at the foot the bed or sit up facing that window/wall to see a girl in the shower. If the view is important to you, stay at the Blu. But one thing about see thru bathrooms is that they always come with electric shutters. Many Thai girls are too shy when they shower solo, let alone go to the toilet, to leave the shutters open. These girls will always press the magic switch and close down the view. This is no big deal to me because what I care about as far as a girl in the bathroom is concerned is having happy soapy shower time with her or them. It is a major downer when a girl does not want to shower with me. Luckily I get only a couple of shower refusals a year. Anyway, all these hotels are very good so I consider these particular hotels highly fungible with one another. In other words, since they are all good, I usually make my selection based on price or how many points I happen to have accumulated in my hotel account. I always prefer free nights over paying cash. LOL. But, there are times when the Blu, for example, may be offering rooms for $125/night while the Weston or the Sofitel has a room sale at $105. Then another time the Blu may have a sale for $90/night while the Weston and the Sofitel are asking $140/night or more. In all these cases I always choose the hotel offering the best price.
  5. In your price range I recommend the Admiral Premier and Grand Mercure Bangkok Asoke Residence. Large rooms, nice rooftop pools, and absolutely no ID carding no matter how many girls you bring back to your room.
  6. 1. Not really. The Westin Hotel staff don't care who you bring in or how many at a time. From the ground floor guests take an elevator to the 7th floor lobby. From there it is a walk across the far side of the lobby to elevators taking guests to their rooms. There is no sign in or ID check for girls unless you want it. But up to you if the 2 stage elevator system bothers you. Interestingly I recently stayed at the Wyndham Grand Hotel in Yangon which had a similar 2 stage elevator system like the Weston. It didn't bother me a bit and in both hotels I brought back 2 girls for a threesome a couple of times. The walk of shame only exists in one's mind. 2. Location, Location Location. I like the Radisson Blu's location close to Cowboy, but on the other, quieter side - Soi 27. The Hilton location on Soi 24 is not for every punter. I like the location because Soi 24 is a nice residential soi with condos and hotels and some restaurants. The Hilton is also very close to the oily massage parlors on Soi 24 alley and the BTS. No problem for me to get to Cowboy, Nana, or even Patpong.. 3. The Sofitel or the new Hyatt Regency on soi 13 probably share the best location in regards to your preferences. Both are walking distance to Nana and Cowboy although you will have to take a taxi back if you have a go go girl on your arm. Rates do vary. I have booked the Sofitel for as little as $95/night and I have paid as much as $114/night - a big discount off the rack rate. Both great deals considering the hotel quality and location. "Too luxurious for FL guests" - don't make me laugh. From 10pm every night until it gets light out it is Street Walker City directly outside the Sofitel's front door.. Same same at the Hyatt Regency and the Weston. In addition, Thermae is only a half block away. So a lot goes on late at night on this section of Sukhumvit. That is why I really like it. You will too. And all these hotels have seen everything and handle it with discretion, They are all girl friendly to the max, they never card a girl guest unless you want them too, threesomes, even foursomes are never a problem, and they never bat an eye, But the Four Points is good too so you will be fine there or wherever you choose from this list to entertain girls & sleep..
  7. I have stayed in both hotels. Hermansen's review of T21 is accurate. The rooms are minimalist. The beds are hard. The pool is great. I would also add that the hotel is very popular with NE Asian tourists and as a result it is a little over priced IMHO. In place of T21 take a look at the Westin next door. Nicer rooms, higher quality buffet breakfasts, and better prices than at T21 available most of the time. In place of Four Points I prefer the Radisson Blu; It offers very competitive prices compared to Four Points, a nice pool, roof top bar, very good buffet breakfasts. And then there are the Sofitel and the new Hyatt. I would recommend both of those over T21 as well. Both are higher quality hotels with similar or better prices to T21. Lastly, I like the Hilton over on Soi 24. Again good value for the price. But its location might or might not appeal to you..
  8. hkaus72's review is spot on. I stay there all the time. It is an excellent hotel in which to pursue our mutual interests.
  9. Swissotel Le Concorde - HA HA - while walking past this hotel numerous times on my way to the Lord and other soapy massage parlors, I have thought about staying at this hotel for a few nights in order to immerse myself more fully in the BKK Ratchadaphisek Road soapie scene. If I were you, I would not worry about this hotel being girl friendly, I suspect it is, but rather I would stay here in order to take full advantage of this hotel's rather unique location proximate to many if not most of BK's best soapy massage parlors. There are plenty of good restaurants in the neighborhood as well, so I wouldn't even bother going to Sukhumvit if I were staying here for a few days. For your non bar girl's visit, just tell the concierge you are expecting your girlfriend and I am 100% sure there will be no problem.
  10. The Pullman Sukhumvit is a good choice. There is a back entrance on Soi 23 offering discrete private entry for you and your girl. Another very good hotel choice in the same price/quality range & location is the Radisson Blu. The Radisson Blu has a much nicer swimming pool, a roof top bar, and a great breakfast buffet. A third possibility is Grand Centre Point T21, as has already been mentioned in this thread. T21 is a good choice as well. The T21 pool is great! But, their standard room is a little small. I would upgrade to the deluxe or grand deluxe room if I were to book here. Since you are only in BKK for 48 hours I recommend you choose one of the 3 (the Pullman Sukhumvit, the Radisson Blu, or the Grand Centre Point T21) that is currently offering the best deal on Agoda or Expedia. You can't go wrong with any of them. And if you want to pay a little more, get a little more, then consider the Westin or the Sofitel Sukhumvit.
  11. We all get that can't wait to go back feeling after a trip to LOS. I am already planning the next trip after my upcomming trip. LOL.
  12. Behemoth International Hotels chains like the Starwood, Marriott, Hyatt, Intercontinental ect ect employ number crunching, nonlinear profit maximizing algorithms that spew out the optimal rate (for them) to charge on an almost daily basis. Mrfreeze nailed down a good rate for the Sheraton at 14,477bt tax inclusive for 3 nights. By my calculation that comes to 4,124.5 baht ($124) per night before taxes and service fees and I do not believe I have seen a lower rate at this hotel. I just checked out the Sheraton rate for the 3-night (thurs, fri, sat) in early December and the algorithm quoted me 4,487bt ($135) / night before taxes and service fees and 4,600bt ($139) / night for a March fri, sat, sun rate. I was surprised to see a higher rate at the Weston for this same 3-night December time period of 4,963bt ($149.6) / night before taxes and service fees. Last year I booked 3 nights in April at the Westin for 3,416bt ($103) / night before taxes and service fees. But my Weston stay began on the last day of Songkran when anyone with a lick of sense has already left BKK. LOL. The BKK Weston in December must be more booked than the Sheraton which is why Starwood offered the deal you nailed down. Good move. As far as my 2018 travels are concerned, I have already nailed down some good deals in BKK. This time around I will be staying at the Radisson Blu (100/night), the Column ($82/night for a 1 br apartment), and Marriott Thonglor Exec Apartment ($105/night for a 1 br apartment) all prices before taxes and fees. The game is to wait for the good rate and then to nail it or else the nonlinear profit maximizing algorithms win. The same principal applies to the airlines.
  13. I have stayed in both the Pullman & the Sofitel. My advice is book the Sofitel as long as the prices are similar or consider Radison Blu or the Weston. Sofitel has a much nicer swimming pool than the Pullman as do the other hotels I just mentioned. -happyone69, I stayed at the Pullman too before it was a Pullman. I liked the Soi 23 back entrance too and the room was good. My only major gripe with this hotel is the pool. Its no good. The architect should be taken out and shot. LOL. All of the other hotels I mentioned are good alternatives to the Pullman: ie the Sofitel, the Westin, Radison Blu. They are all high quality, girl friendly places with good locations with fairly large rooms so price is the only determining factor for me. If you are not in a hurry to make a reservation, you should be able to fine a deal or sale at all of them and not pay more than $110/night even for the Sofitel.
  14. Yes, both the Sukhumvit Hilton & Pattaya Hilton are girl friendly. No Problems just like most other 5* Sukh chain hotels like Grande Centre Point, Radisson Blu, Sofitel, all the Mariotts, and all the Starwood properties ect ect. http://www.bangkok-addicts.com/forum/topic/4005-hilton-sukhumvit-bangkok-or-upscale-hotel-around-cowboy/page-1
  15. On location alone I would choose either the Sofitel, Westin, Grand Centre Point T21, or Radisson Blu because all are a short walking distance to and from Cowboy with a girl. No taxis needed. But free accomodation at the Hilton is a great plus. It will leave you with more money to spend on girls and booze. Besides, the Hilton location is not bad. It is very close to the Soi 24-Soi 26 Oily massage parlors for some afternoon fun and Em Quartier Mall where a Thai lunch at the food court is inexpensive and very good. Then for the evening entertainment you could walk to Cowboy, but I think you will be much better off and a lot less sticky taking the BTS or a motorcycle taxi there. Bringing Go Go girls back from either Nana or Cowboy to the Hilton is not a problem. That is what taxis are for. No bar girl will mind. Just take a moving taxi, not a parked one and insist on a meter. Your girl can do the talking. If the Sofitel is also free on points to you, then you will probably be a little better off here. I think you will still have to take a taxi to bring a girl back from Nana, but a taxi is not needed from Cowboy. For afternoon recreation you will want to take the BTS to and from the soi 24 oily massage parlors.
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