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  1. DownandUp, What was the name of your hotel? They did not play it straight with you since you specifically requested a smoking room and they deferred on the issue, but took your reservation anyway. You have a case for requesting a refund on your CC charge. Oh well, water under the bridge and all that, but let us know the name of the hotel. Thanks, NB
  2. I would rent anywhere in the upper Sukhumvit neighborhood from Soi 23 as far east as Soi 63 and as far north as Phetchaburi. I would want a reasonably priced 2 bedroom apartment in a recently constructed building with 24 hour security/concierge, parking, and a nice swimming pool. Other neighborhoods like Lumphini or on the river front have attractive condos, but being relatively close, but not too close, to the action is a very important consideration to me. The Lumphini neighborhood, for example, is nice during the day, but dead after midnight.
  3. I am not aware of any 100% non-smoking hotels in BKK, Pattaya, Phnom, Macau, MNL or Jakarta – my main haunts. I should add that I am not an everyday smoker, but while I am on a trip, I like to take a time out, relax and smoke a small Cohiba club size cigar occasionally and I have never had a problem smoking one of these on a balcony of my non-smoking BKK hotel room. BTW, I only know of a few balcony room hotels in BKK – the Fraser Appt Hotel in Soi 11, the Centre Point Hotel on Soi 10 and the Admiral Premeier Hotel on Soi 23. I am sure there are others. Pattaya has many more Hotels with balco
  4. The Grand Mercure Asok (Soi 19 ) Residence is a very nice 3.5 to 4 star hotel. The rooms are big, the pool is ok, the hotel is kind of quiet, but it is easy walking distance to Soi Cowboy or Sukhumvit. And yes, it is girl friendly. On occasion I have brought up 3 girls at a time to party and the front desk did not bat an eye. 99.9% of the hotels in BKK are like that and girl friendly. It is a different story in Pattaya where you should inquire just to make sure of the hotel policy concerning guests and joiner fees. Girl Friendly to me means the hotel doesn't care how many girls you bring
  5. This s an extreme case to say the least, but the guest does seem to be an ass hole. Read the story about the original altercation in the hotel restaurant over a wine corkage charge. I do not believe it was the 1 star review that landed the guy in hot water with the authorities. It was the defamation of the restaurant manger and the false, vindictive (from the perspective of the hotel manager) report posted on travel advisor. Did the hotel manager over react in filing charges? Absolutely. I would be concerned about his mental state If I were the owner. Perhaps both the manager and the gues
  6. The problem persists: My post above is not shown as a new post in "my activity streams" / "content I have posted in" window. Furthermore in this thread, my post and the one before my post by Columbus is separated from the rest of the posts in this thread by "unread replies". What does "unread replies" mean? For example I have read Columbus's post. It is not unread, but apparently his post and mine have not been recognized by the forum software. This is an error.
  7. I am still having problems when I click on "my activity streams" and then "content I have posted in" : there are no new posts indicated since September 23. Since I know this information is incorrect I have to manually enter those threads to see what has been newly posted. It is not a big thing, but a handy website feature that used to work well, no longer does.
  8. MNL can be more expensive than BKK, but it depends on where you look and what you are looking for. Comparing top end Go Go to top end Go Go, MNL IS more expensive. For example at Kojax or Plan B: the barfine is 3500 pesos and a sexiest girls will want 3500 pesos for ST which is $144 total, however, 3 lady drinks will be comped off your bill if you barfine the girl. That's worth 1000 pesos or a $20 savings which needs to be included in the total price comparison vrs. doing the same thing in a BKK Go Go ie picking up a girl and paying her barfine plus her lady drinks (no comp in BKK). Now t
  9. Right now BKK & Pattaya are the only locations I am aware of with open for business Go Go's and Bars. If I had my choice of where in the world to sit out the pandemic, it would be LOS. It is not even close as all the Go Go's & bars in MNL and all the bars. clubs and bordellos in Jakarta are closed. There are still plenty of sex hungry girls in these cities. You can find them on their respective social media sites, but it just not as much fun, IMHO, as bar hopping. An intro to MNL & CGK: In pre Corona times MNL had 2 great night life areas: Makati, MNL Burgos Street and
  10. Time is the deciding factor for me. In the early afternoons I like go to oily parlors or ask girls I know previously to come over for a shag, lunch, & a swim. Then in the early evening 6pm to 8pm I like to go to my favorite soapies, between 8:30pm and 11pm is prime Go Go time, and after midnight is the time for hitting up the clubs and/or seeing what is available on the street. Now I don't engage in all these activities & venues every day, but I usually like to have a varying combo of 2 of them per day. For example: I will have an afternoon oily massage & then go to the Go G
  11. But like I said, many girls prefer down home Isan food over the fancy Thai cuisine. That Thai style tastes real good to me too and I have an equally good time if not better in some of these joints with my girls. Here are just a few examples and recommendations: Baan E-san Muangyos on Soi 31 - an all night Isan eatery. I come her often with my various bar girls. 555. The staff know me well and are very discreet. Ha Ha. Soi 57 Seafood Street Cart - I love this place. F 55 Pochana - Spicy Pork Salad. - A Chinese / Thai storefront - great food and relati
  12. There are many great restaurants to take girls in BKK, but do it for your own benefit and not to impress the girl. Most girls would just as well prefer a down home Isan style restaurant. That said, I have taken a few of my favorite girls to Kinnaree by Vanessa WU on Soi 8 too and we enjoyed some great meals. Kinnaree has a very nice (romantic) garden setting and they serve elevated, classical Thai food. On one particular night I even ordered a glass of their Thai red wine from Hua Hin. It was surprisingly good!
  13. Living in South Florida I have my choice of flying trans Pacific and arriving around 9pm or flying the Euro route and arriving in the morning. There are positives and negatives about both routes although they have similar durations and costs. If I arrive in BKK in the AM I take a taxi to my hotel, check in, and RELAX. Hang out by the pool, change money, and have a nice lunch. On morning arrivals I usually make plans to rendezvous with one of my favorite girls for dinner and a Tequila party in my hotel room. That means I kick back the whole day and take it real easy unless I can't control
  14. Both hotels are very good. I like them both. Slightly different locations is a key difference aside from price, but again both locations are good..The Sofitel has a slightly nicer pool and is a slightly more luxurious hotel than the Blu. I would rate the Sofitel Sukhumvit a 4.4 * hotel and the Blu a 4.2* hotel. The buffet breakfasts in both hotels are very good and both hotels are extremely girl friendly ie no limit on number of guests / no id carding. Both these hotels are heavily discounted at various times. I would never pay the rack rate at either hotel. A good rate at the Blu is between $
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