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  1. I recently stayed at hotel icon so soi 2 nice hotel and short cut from soi 2 to soi 4 not long walk
  2. Woraburi at end of Soi 4 not bad place has pool and just bit over 1000 a night
  3. I guess if room is avaiable they let you check in early, perhaps email them and ask
  4. Look4fun, yes water temp in pool is nice. Worse case book one night and see if you like it as doubt they be so full you could not extend stay
  5. Yes gets sun during day and has few lounge chairs beside pool
  6. I have stayed woraburi 3 times always was ok but pool was small but still great value on soi 4 i reckon but good luck for your search
  7. Woraburi has small bar can order food aswell look at their website woraburi sukhumvit
  8. Ive stayed at woraburi reasonable place not huge pool but reasobable and about ten minute walk to nana or have shuttle
  9. Hi all relaly mixed reviews on this place has anyone been here recently? Would you suggest this or Nana Hotel?
  10. Thanks for reply will have a look
  11. HI is this still current or has there been any new places open in last 2 years?
  12. Euge

    Tourist visa

    Thank you yes be nice to stay 60 days but 35 is enough as did 33 days only 3 months ago
  13. Euge

    Tourist visa

    I ended up applying for tourist visa which is valid for 60 days only cost 1100 baht easier and cheaper.
  14. Euge

    Tourist visa

    Thank you for help I think maybe just do the extension at immigration when in phuket. Appreciate suggestions
  15. Euge

    Tourist visa

    Thanks for the reply yes I was asking about tourist visa as in am I able to get this on arrival or do I have to apply before I go? Thanks
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