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  1. I've been considering a trip to Koh Chang actually. Probably heading to Pattaya again this week but maybe next outing with be the big island. I agree that there are gems to be found everywhere and I probably could have explored more places, but with a fairly large bar scene (less than Bangkok and Pattaya, about on par with Huahin) I expected more from Udon.
  2. Notwithstanding this trip, I'm still looking for new spots to visit and explore. If any of you have found interesting or unique places off the beaten path (Bangkok central/ pattaya) please post.
  3. Lately I've been trying to travel around a bit more to see new places and get out of the big city a bit. I've recently moved just outside of Bangkok (Patum Thani) to that end as I was tiring of the traffic and state of affairs in my last area. After reading stickman's recent article regarding Udon Thani I thought, well why not give it a shot. Boy was I disappointed. The trip over was painless enough- I flew from Don Muang to Udon for about 800 baht with a duration of about 1 hour. Taxi from the airport to the hotel located in the 'city center' was 200 baht standard. No real options fo
  4. I too enjoyed them for a quick few rounds before or after the discos. Often get some interesting characters coming together there and can be a lot of fun. Those small bars on sukhumvit can be ok but anymore they are overrun by Africans and ladyboys so I haven't stopped at one for a while. Will be interesting to see the next thing that goes if and when the Junta hones in on the adult areas more.
  5. The vans were kicked out for encroaching (more like existing 100%) on public road and walkways. They were told to move to private property and actually lease their spaces. Before they would just pay fees to the police and Tessakit to let them operate. Don't know how permanent their absence will be but they haven't been there the last three times I've been to Soi 11. Food stalls were still operating and plenty of illegal parking happening. A lot more laws are being applied around Thailand, albeit still rather inconsistently.
  6. Now that the cocktail vans are all gone it feels a little empty around soi 11. I would have preferred they kept the vans and just stopped all the parking of taxis, motorbikes and shuttles.
  7. My feedback would be that learning Thai numbers is not a very worthwhile endeavor. Their general lack of use means that even if one memorized them, that knowledge would shortly be forgotten. That is coming from one who used to know how to read and write Thai numbers, then subsequently forgot them to make room for more important data, ie where to get best bbbj...
  8. I'm here now looking at the menu. Erdinger draught 160 half 260 pint. Also have Stella, guiness, Kilkenny,magners and hoegaarden
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