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  1. Sorry, the ticket costs 400 BHT and not 200 BHT as I stated in my reply.
  2. Hey vezmax, Good to see non-mongering questions on the forum from time to time. I am planning on touristy things for my BKK trip in November too and so have been doing some research. Here is what I have learnt. The palace is open from 8:30 to 15:30. 4 free guided tours every day starting at 10:00, 10:30, 13:30 and 14:00. This is correct as of last month (August). Free guided tours start inside the palace entrance after you buy the 200BHT ticket for entry. Ask at the ticket counters for the exact tour start timings on the day. Watch out for the touts before you get to the ticket desks. Apparently, they will always say that the palace is closed for the day but they will take you on a private tour through the back entrance (for a fee of course). I have been advised to allow at least 3 hours for the palace and Wat Kaew. I plan to do this one afternoon after a nice heavy brunch :). I think I will also rent the audio guide if they are still working. Disclaimer: I haven't been to Grand Palace myself. Will do so on my upcoming trip in November. All the info I gathered is from other forums and travellers...
  3. Looks like the Pattaya-Addicts forum is completely down this morning. I get this error: Pattaya Forum is currently unavailable Back soon, need to do a restore http://bangkok-addicts.com/forum is still available...
  4. Thanks Javi. I should have updated this thread but I was talking to a tour group manager and she was saying that she always takes her tour group to the Wat Pho temple for massage. So I was going to try it out when I am there as I am not interested in extras...
  5. Here are a couple more contacts for taxi services. You may want to ask for quotes. Mr Roong for a quote his e-mail is roongsayam@hotmail.com another is Ms Na wantana_jirayu@yahoo.com. Source: http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g293916-i3687-k6748362-Taxi_car_for_day_trip_Bangkok_to_Hua_Hin_return-Bangkok.html
  6. I am sure more experienced members on the board will have better recommendations but I thought I will share this anyway. I found a list of tour guides in Thailand on Tripadvisor at http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Travel-g293915-c125475/Thailand:Finding.A.Tour.Guide.html. Some of them in the list only offer a car and driver. Depending on where you want to go, I think it is important to ensure that the taxi driver knows the area you are going to. I have been informed that people tend to say yes to a lot of things as that is the Thai way.
  7. Anyone tried Travelhub tours? http://www.travelbangkoktours.com/ They have some positive reviews on Tripadvisor but if anyone here used them, it would be good to hear your impressions. Thanks.
  8. Oh thank you for reminding me of the stellar reputation Indians have in this welcoming country :). I am going to get a visa in advance anyway but I would have thought that it is very rare for Thai immigration officers to refuse visa on arrival for Indians.
  9. Thanks a lot for the info House516. That is very useful indeed. I have dropped Jomtien based on other recommendations too. I will research Hua Hin. Do let me know if you visit Kanchanaburi. A bit expensive for at 6500 BHT for two people but this one seems to be less hassle http://www.travelbangkoktours.com/river-kwai-tours/river-kwai.html. When is your Thailand trip? I would be very interested to know how your Kanchanaburi trip goes. Thanks again for responding. Have a nice trip.
  10. Hello fellow board members, I was wondering if any one here have recommendations for places offering traditional Thai massage? I was told that the best place is in or near Wat Pho temple. Any idea of the cost? Just to clarify, I am not really looking for the Annie's Massage variety. I think I am sorted for that sort of needs. I am talking about something like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thai_massage. Thanks in advance for any inputs.
  11. In BKK from November 9-16 2013

  12. Hi, I have a longer question about things to do in Bangkok on the general discussions thread but here is a specific question about live music and especially traditional/contemporary Thai music. Are there places where they have decent live Thai music in Bangkok? Any recommendations are most appreciated.
  13. Hi All, I have already found a ton of useful info on these boards but do have a few questions if I may. Just as background info, I am blind and flying solo to Thailand but will have a Thai lady to escort me. I have been warned about traffic and walking difficulties in Bangkok but I am hoping that I wouldn't find it too difficult as I spent 27 years in India before moving to the UK. India presents similar difficulties for pedestrians and I did survive there, somehow. Also, I can easily get a taxi as they don't seem to be too expensive in BKK. I am very interested in Thai history and architecture and would like to visit a few places when I am there. On my list, I have got the grand palace, Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Hua Hin, ancient city, Chatuchak market (just for the experience not too interested in buying stuff), China town, floating market (is it the CC market above), Chao Phraya river boat tour. Did I miss anything else that is worth going to in BKK? Also, should I look at going on a day tour with an organised tour company or should I just go to these places on my own? I typically don't like organised tours because they don't have any sort of flexibility. If I liked a spot and I wanted to stay longer, I won't be able to do that if th etour is moving on. I also want to definitely make a trip down to Kanchanaburi for the railway bridge, Tiger Temple and also bamboo rafting (if it is safe enough). Again the question here is should I just go with a tour group or negotiate with a car and a driver? I am guessing a car wouldn't be too cheap for a journey to Kanchanaburi and back and the wait. I also have Ayutthaya on my list but I am not sure if I can get to it this time because I do want to go to a beach. I am again looking at a day trip to Jomtien. I know that the list sounds a bit too long. I have a week in BKK (Nov 9-16) and so I am hoping that I can get to a few of those. I should also keep some on hold for me to give me a reason to come back to Thailand again :). Thanks in advance for any inputs.
  14. Thanks Zauberfee for a detailed response. Staying near the river is appealing. Do you know if Millennium Hilton gives free breakfast for HHonors Gold? Or is it only when booking an exec room?
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