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  1. I think he would have had to travel up to Asok to make a U-turn. Sometimes traffic is gridlocked in this area so he just wanted another easy fare after giving you the boot. He should have taken a different exit and traveled down Asok to get to the even numbered sois on Sukhumvit if coming from the airport. In cases like this you can't ask, you have to demand. The airport will give you a number for complaints and your taxi driver/car info so everything is documented. At the airport, they also have your destination listed on the paper they give you and the driver so he already knows where you're going before leaving the airport. Once he accepts you he's obligated to follow through. Some of these yahoos will attempt to pull a fast one, but stand your ground and they'll do what's expected of them.
  2. I've only had good luck with Uber on longer fares, 200B+. It's really not worth the premium in my opinion for shorter fares. Also, unlike GrabTaxi, Uber has a much shorter list of drivers so finding a ride can be difficult at peak times. I've tried using GrabTaxi late at night in the Sukhumvit area without success. There's tons of tourists looking for a ride and are willing to be gouged because they're either drunk or have company they're anxious to get down with. I asked for GrabTaxi to pick me up from the door entrance of the Westin Grande although I wasn't staying there. Taxi never made and the call center only apologized and offered to send another taxi. I was quoted 10 minutes but the second driver didn't arrive either. Don't bother with these services if out late at night in the Sukhumvit/Silom area because they'll be a no show based on my few attempts. You're right with your last sentence. The small surcharge still nets less than picking up a fare without using the meter. Unless they hold drivers accountable with future fares, these services will not take hold in this market.
  3. If you're into street food then you should head over to Sukhumvit Soi 38. It's a very short walk (3 minutes) from the BTS line at the Thong Lor exit. It opens in the early evening and goes until 1:00AM or so. Some stalls close early when they sell out of their offerings. The venders tend to be a bit more hygienic than the typical street stall you see populating the touristy areas. Prices are quite reasonable and many have picture menus and some are also in English. It's worth the visit for the variety and experience.
  4. This is good to know. I'll give it a try next time I'm in that area...I'm also going to give Som's a try as well. I'll kill two birds with one stone since they're practically next to each other. Suda is good, but over the past decade the pricing has regularly increased to the point of it no longer being the hidden gem it once was. At the same time, the service has remained inattentive. In fact, I got up and left a few weeks ago because I couldn't get anyone to take my damn order. I wish she was as quick on taking menu orders as she is calculating the check.
  5. My favorite to date is Bella Napoli on Soi 31... about 150-200 meters into the Soi from Sukhumvit on the left side. They have a nice variety of pizzas and pastas as well as homemade desserts all at a reasonable price. This is my go-to place for good pizza in Bangkok. This Soi is loaded with good restaurants so give it a try after visiting Soi 33 or other MPs near the Emporium. I used to be a fan of Big Mama Pizzeria on Asoke Soi 1 (between Soi's 19 and 21 just off Sukhumvit). Again, good selection of pizzas and pastas but I found the service to be lacking lately and the bottom of my pizza a bit over baked for my liking. The service staff got a little huffy when I mentioned that to them. With that said, this is a good place to fill-up before crossing over Asoke to Soi Cowboy. It's only a 5 minute walk from the restaurant to the bars. Limoncello on Soi 11 across from the Grand President is pretty good, but not the best I've tried in BKK. I found some of their offerings a bit on the pricey side but if I'm in the Nana area and want pizza this is where I go. I'm avoiding Scoozi from now on. I was disappointed at the Secon Square location and at Esplanade on Ratchadapisek. The pizzas and pastas were bland, but their house lemonade may be the best that I've tried....anywhere! What I haven't found and would like a recommendation for is a quality deep dish pizza. Any thoughts?
  6. I picked up some doxycycline 100mg from Boots, a 10 capsule foil pack went for B100. Some smaller pharmacies are a bit cheaper. No prescription needed. I actually did have a sore throat but not from carpet munching. The lady at boots wanted to sell me a Zpack for B300 instead, she was insistent that it was much better at clearing up a bacterial throat infection than doxycycline. We debated the merits of broad spectrum antibiotics (doxycycline) versus something that is specifically used to treat strep or tonsillitis. Allergies made doxycycline the better choice for me.
  7. Scoop

    Visa run from bangkok

    Zebraman777, what types of scams? Sure, they charge extra for seat assignments, meals, and luggage, but am curious about how they try to pull off the scam part? Please tell.
  8. Scoop

    Tourist visa

    The overstay fine is supposed to be B500 per day up to a max of 20k. Sounds like half was skimmed off the top. OP: wise choice on visa type and if the bug bites you to stay longer you can also get another 30 day extension on top of that provided the rules are the same for all westerners. Enjoy your stay!
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