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  1. I don’t have a Thai partner, but I know the location. 1. Is it still there? 2. Did you need to make an appointment in advance? thanks
  2. Hello, I will be in Bangkok in two weeks and would like to get a vasectomy. Has anyone had this procedure done in Bangkok? If so, any recommendations on hospital, doctor, etc? My insurance wont cover it, but I have research the costs and it isn’t too expensive (and cheaper than the alternative!) Thank you Lev
  3. If it is your first time, take a taxi. traffic will be heavy, figuring you also have to do immigration and baggage claim. Plus, you will want to get a sim card, etc the taxis are at the bottom level, you take a ticket and go to the taxi from the ticket. tell the driver "Meter and I pay tolls" - so you will need some thai baht taxi should be around 300 plus tolls. Can be more if there is traffic good luck!
  4. depends on what you mean by decent gym (dumbbells to a certain weight, many machines, etc) the Sofitel Sukhumvit has a fairy decent gym and is a great hotel (almost above Thermae) Mercure Sukhumvit (soi 11) is also a great spot with an OK gym (db up to 24 KG I think and a few machines) If you do find a hotel with a good gym, please report back.
  5. Rainville, My info is from August, so fairly current. 1. Insanity is open until at least 4:00 and get going after 1:00 (or 2:00) on most nights. It is really a later is better option. 2. Not sure about the real "after hours" type places like shock 39/Scratch dog from years past 3. No real replacement for Climax (sadly) Hillary 4 will give you the same band and a few of the women, but does not have the size and variety that Climax offered. 4. Levels gets great talent, but hard to chat with people and can get too crowded around the bar. Oskars for a drink before Levels is not a bad idea 5. Still haven't been to Sugar club on Soi 11, so might be worth a visit.
  6. I am planning on visiting BKK in August. I have been many, many times and always stay on/near Soi 11. I have stayed at Mercure, Citadines, Aloft, Sofitel, etc. I have recently stayed at AirBnBs in parts of Europe and South America. Has anyone had any experience with AirBnB in BKK? There are plenty on the AirBnB app, the Prime condo or Hyde condo that are on Soi 11 (where Bed Supperclub used to be). They look cheaper than a hotel, with a better gym and decent pool, etc. Any thoughts? Thank you, Lev123
  7. I have had a few serious foodie friends go and they were disappointed. It wasn't a bad meal, but it was like 22 "courses" (each being a bite) and took several hours. They did think it was overpriced, but they knew that even before they booked. as long as you have the budget and time, you at least know what you are in for.
  8. Sofitel is a nicer hotel. I don't think the shower/bathroom is transparent. Sofitel also has a great gym
  9. a few other hotels worth looking at - Soi 11 - Mercure Sukhumvit...nice pool and gym. Great beds Citadines- cheap and has kitchette Soi 8- Citadines - cheaper and quieter than Soi 11 location. Further walk, but 24 hour tuk tuk you can call and they will pick you up at Sukhumvit road
  10. Also give the Mercure Sukhumvit Soi 11...former President Palace. Huge rooms, and nice pool and gym (and quieter than Aloft). If your budget creeps closer to $200, the Sofitel around the corner is great.
  11. mcqueen - I have been to Raintree many, many times (probably close to 30)....but always for the foot massage. Their foot massages are amazing and incredibly relaxing. You get a shoulder massage and head massage as well. I would bet that their regular massage would be great...just a bit pricier than most. Tantip on Soi 7 (across from Eden) is my go to for a strong, legit thai or oil massage.
  12. agree that short time at an airport hotel is a much better/safer idea. What if there is an accident on the road/extra traffic. Not sure if your flight out of BKK is only few hours....doubtful, so re-booking could be a pain and expensive if you miss it. Get lounge access, have a few drinks and pray you can sleep on your flight.
  13. Tom Tit, If you want to stay on Soi 11, try the Mercure Sukumvit Soi 11 (Old President Palace). Reopened last April....great beds, huge pool that gets sun. The Aloft is OK, but rooms can be musty and also loud because of Levels. Stayed in Aloft several times, but won't do so again...and I have plenty of SPG status as well...Mercure is just better.
  14. Look at the Mercure Soi 11 . . .it replaced the President Palace. perfect and even less than $100
  15. Another vote for the Sofitel...And the gym is excellent as well. For a decent hotel for less $$, try to "new" Mercure on Soi 11. The old President Palace. Not nearly as nice as the Sofitel, but cheaper and a great location.
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