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  1. Well, thanks guys. I wasn't trying to showcase the best videos, or even put myself further ahead in the Soi Six Prisoner contest (otherwise they would all be YouTube videos listed here). I just wanted to let people know that it is very, very possible to embed the videos here. Also, I have learned which sites are more "monger" friendly than others. Namely, DailyMotion seems to be the best choice overall. You can even post nudity rather easily on DailyMotion, as long as it's not porn and you properly label it. MetaCafe would be my second choice. When it comes to straight up views, the guys over at Break love themselves some girl videos, they gobble it right up. If I dedicated the same amount of time to Break.com as I do to YouTube, I could fly right past my views on YouTube and Break.com would be my number one viewer destination (I got over 4,000 views in less than 24 hours!). Break also has a primarily male audience, so femi-nazi interference is minimal at best. Video on YouTube frequently get lost in the shuffle because the site is so corporate now. Google is trying to make billions off of YouTube and eventually they will, at the expense of their loyal users.
  2. Ok, I'm an avid video guy. Everyone knows this. Since I was having trouble with getting embedded videos to work on this new site and forum software, I did some experimenting. Here are the results. BE SURE TO SWITCH TO THE OPTION FOR HTML On- Auto Linebreak Mode before you post or you are just going to get a bunch of code in your post, not embedded videos. You can find it as a Green "+" symbol for options right above the post button at the bottom of the screen. YouTube Embed Note: When using the "Insert Media" button, it's the direct URL of the video, NOT the embedded code. Sometimes clicking the "Insert Media" button fails in Firefox, so you have to type the: [ MEDIA ] [ / MEDIA ] tags maunally. Also, turning on the HTML Autobreak will NOT allow you to use the ebedded code (GHEY!) Inserting the embedded code just gives you a blank space. You have to edit the code that YouTube gives you so that's it's ONLY the "EMBED" Tags, not OBJECT and not PARAM. This one is insert media. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnqU-fTga2Q This one is strictly the "EMBED" Tag from YouTube, not Object or Param. Metacafe EMBEDDED CODE WORKS!!!!! Insert Media DOES NOT?!?!?!?!?! Hot & Sexy Filipina Girls in Angeles City, Philippines. - The best video clips are right here MySpace Video Embed Note: Only use Tags. Remove all "a href" and "object" tags DailyMotion.com works IF you delete all the code BEFORE & AFTER the TAGS Break.com works with only embedded code tags, no object tags or anything. Yahoo.com works, again, you need to ONLY use the actual Tag, NOTHING ELSE. StupidVideos.com Same Same, use EMBED Tags only: REMOVE PARAM and OBJECT Tags Veoh.com Same Same. No other tags besides EMBED Viddler: Embedded Code Only. Sevenload: Very Interesting code from this site, but Default code will NOT work: You must switch from Javascript code to (X)HTML code after you click the "Extended" text that is to the right of "Embed". Basically this version of Shockwave Flash code is special! Link: I have even found a few online porn site that use code we can embed here, but I didn't post them in this mini-tutorial.
  3. bryan, that didn't work with break.com just so you know.
  4. thanks, I didn't try that, I tried the entire embedded code with that feature. Awesome!
  5. LOL.... is it because I'm a newbie? Come On Bryan, am I worthy?
  6. I can't seem to be able to embed video on the BKK site but I can do it on the Pattaya site? To be fixed soon?
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