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  1. It is probably best to think of all the hotel employees as off limits. I've seen some very attractive front desk clerks, but it's not worth it. Think about how much information the hotel has on you, most require a copy of your passport when you check in, phone # and email address to make the reservations, and a credit card info. Piss off one of these girls and it could 'haunt" you for a while.
  2. Yes, it was off-line earlier this week, and it seems like something is still not working right.
  3. I stayed there earlier this year, and I can confirm the WiFi isn't the best.
  4. I've noticed for the past couple of days that "Mark Community Read" is not working for me. After marking all as read, I still have new (the same) content. I've tried form the individual forums and from the main page, same results, not making all as read. Using Firefox and I have cleared my cash and even signed out and back in. Thank
  5. You might want to do a search, lot of posts about this. Try this tread: http://www.bangkok-addicts.com/forum/topic/6781-currency-exchange/
  6. I use Agoda a lot because they offer "no fee" change and cancellation rates. This works out well when I'm not 100% sure on my trip dates. The only time I've had a problem with an Agoda booking is when I had to leave a day early. The hotel said they couldn't do a refund because it was booked through Agoda. Agoda said they already paid the hotel and there wasn't anything they could do.
  7. I used Uber from the airport the other day, 345bt and that included the tolls. The only problem was finding the pickup location, I went to the ground level by the taxi, but the actually pickup is on the first floor by door 4 or 5. Other than that, very easy to use.
  8. Agree with js89, use powder. You can use good old fashion baby powder, but if you don't like the scent, just get plain talcum.
  9. I've never stayed or eaten there, but 615 is pretty price. I'm sure it's a nice buffet breakfast, but you can find good meals a lot cheaper.
  10. I've stayed there a few times, and I prefer rooms pool side. You can hear some outside noise if you stay street side, but the rooms are still fairly quiet.
  11. I've had the same thing happen. I booked through the hotel website and later emailed them about transportation. Three days and no reply, I emailed them again and got a reply in less than a day. I figured they just misplaced the first email. Email them again but try to do it when the day shift is on, hotels usually have the reservations section checking the email during the day, night it's the desk clerks.
  12. I stayed there two years ago, nice hotel. My room was comfortable, and even though I was on the street side, it was still quiet. Pool, and restaurant are ok, nothing special. The only negative I can think of is the distance to Nana...it's a little walk but not really that far. Enjoy your stay and trip
  13. I think it really all depends on the type of traveler you are and personal preference. I don't like to move. On a trip longer than a few days, I will unpack, get comfortable, and usually go to the store and stock up on drinks and things. I have stayed at the Dawin, nice hotel and think you will like it.
  14. wow, interesting and a little disturbing...the policy assumes all tourist/foreigner are criminals. I'm sure you will be able to buy regular Thai SIMS at MBK and other places like that for a while.
  15. I've never stayed at the hotel, but have stayed at some upscale hotels in BKK and other part of Asia. Never had a problem with my guests, but I think it has more to do with they way you act and more importantly dress...especially your companion. I'm sure someone on the board has stayed there before and will be able to give you a better feel for the place.
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