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  1. 10's on beach road? I've never seen an 8 on beach road, much less a 10. When I lived in Pattaya, the quality there was far less than in BKK pretty much all around, but that was in 2015. I've only been back for a visit a few times since then, and while I did find good talent, I didn't feel compelled to rush back. I didn't see a whole lot of stunners in most places either.
  2. I've always been charged 400 too... I would be very suspicious if I was only asked to pay 200. I'm pretty sure Apcalis is imported, so I don't see how they could charge the same amount as a box of Sideagra. Also be weary if you buy Levitra. Levitra is by far the best boner pill for me... I get no side effect from it (headaches, flushed face, etc) like I get with Viagra or Cialis. But since there is no generic version, 1500 per box of four means I only splurge on a couple boxes here and there. The street stalls will try to sell it to your for 300-500 baht, so there is NO WAY what you're get
  3. Get a multi-Entry tourist visa. Last I checked, you could come and go 3 times on one multi-entry but the rules may have changed. It might be more open now.
  4. No, eventually they will stop you and tell you "last time" and force you to buy visas... Some people have been stopped and told to go home without entry. Even if you buy tourist visas, you might be stopped at some point and asked why you're returning X number of times per year on tourist visas and told that it's the last time. I believe they call this the "red stamp." There is no definitive amount of times you can come and go, and you don't know when it will happen either. I would recommend reading the visa section on Thaivisa.com to get the most up to date information. A lot of people com
  5. 6 months isn't really that long, but if you're really going to do nothing but go to Nana/Cowboy and bring freelancers back to your place then go for it. "Near" Nana/Cowboy is subjective though. I personally would never live in lower Sukhumvit. It's one of the stinkiest, dirtiest places in Bangkok. The only reason to go there is for the red light stuff really. Otherwise it's crap. But Chit Lom is technically close to Nana/Cowboy. Thong Lor is technically close... Ekkamai or Ratchada might even be considered close depending on your definition of close. Living a BTS or MRT stop or two fro
  6. The best place for action in Udon is the Discos. There's one main Disco (can't remember the name) fairly close to the beer bar complex which gets packed with hotties at night. If you're a slightly attractive farang, picking up girls at this place will be a breeze and the girls will be more than happy to go home with you for 1000 baht in the morning. Because Udon is so small, most of the cute, young girls wouldn't dare work in beer bar complex for fear of their friends and family finding out. They'd rather travel to Pattaya or BKK and tell their friends that they are going to work a legit job.
  7. You realize that doctors (at least in the United States) prescribes Viagra without doing any exam. He might just ask you what type of erections you have or how/when you can get an erection to determine if Cialis or another alternative is better for you, but that's it. Or you might be asked if you have prexisting conditions. The only people who they will not prescribe it for are people with heart problems. And if you have heart problems you should be going to the doctor regularly anyway. Anyone who is healthy and does not have medical issues shouldn't have any issues with Viagra. Ho
  8. 45 min hour ride from Pattaya to Ban Phe pier. About an hour ferry ride to the island from there. Small, quaint island. Beautiful and worth a visit if you want to just relax. I think it's best to bring someone with you as there isn't much of a scene there. It's 100% a place for tourists to go and enjoy beach life. Not same as a place like Koh Samui or the bigger islands. Also, restaurants are very expensive... be prepared to part with some cash for good food. haha
  9. There are some soapies where you can get the works for 1500 or less. I can think of about 5... There's several others that are just slightly above that range ... 1700, 1800, 1900, etc. Just don't go to Huai Kwang Ratchada or anywhere right off the MRT and you can easily find these spots. Take the road less traveled and the places that require you to get there via taxi or footwork, avoiding the places that look like huge upscale cathedrals. Depending on what you look like, you might get hit with a Farang surcharge though as these cater to mostly asian... So if you are super white and speak
  10. It's might take you 10 minutes to walk from Dream Hotel to Sukhumvit if you crawl on your hands and knees. I've stayed there and I can't remember it taking me any more than 3 minutes. I think Dream has one of the best locations and the price vs what you get is really good there.
  11. I went to Soi 11 the other day with a lady specifically to hit the cheap cocktail bars! I was so bummed and confused when none of them were there. Those things were the perfect place for a quick windown after hitting one of the Soi 11 discos or to get a little bit tipsy on the cheap before catching a taxi home. There's still the tiny sukhumvit bars, but those bars give off a sleeze vibe that the Soi 11 bars did not. Soi 11 is now quite a bit more lame.
  12. 2000 baht for 50 pills is a good price. I usually pay 100-120 baht per box of 4 sideagra, and about 100 baht per satchel of kamagra jelly. Last time I went to my regular he charged me 200 baht per box of Sideagra, but maybe because I forgot to verify the price before hand. I didn't complain though as it's only a couple bucks more and I only buy a couple boxes at once. 200 baht for box is my limit though.
  13. Yep, I don't bother with Patts anymore. The prices for Go-Go's is now more expensive in Patts and the quality of girls is not as good as BKK. Why bother going to Pattaya? This price change is rather recent though (over the last year or so), so I expect eventually people will catch on and BKK will pick up or BKK prices will go up to match. Don't go around telling everyone. The vast majority of mongers still think that Pattaya is a deal over BKK ... lol Only reason I can see to go to Pattaya is if you: 1. Are more into Beer Bar girls and freelancers than hot go-gos. There are more beer
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