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  1. Wow i never new that the stumble inn served food i will put the cheese burger and breakfast on my list next trip among otherthings
  2. they are tasty not that bad but having a cricket leg get caught between my teeth was enough I don't think I will be trying them again
  3. I haven't seen this place in a year now must be out of business what a shame
  4. good burgers but to expensive there is better around that are cheaper
  5. leocom6

    Retirement Visa

    u can get it in thailand
  6. leocom6

    Retirement Visa

    I saw that one . one of the Bangkok bloggers (I wont say who) says that they have there money in a US bank not in a Thai bank when they show proof of funds . thanks
  7. leocom6

    Retirement Visa

    one of the requirement for a retirement Visa is to have 800000 in the Bank does it have to be a Thai Bank? I noticed that there is a CITI Bank in Bangkok if I have the money in this Bank can I show the statement and meet the requirements?
  8. I forgot to take a picture of the burger they are made from excellent beef and they are really juicy and have a really good tastes the put something on it not sure what it is. I found the place with 3 days left I made sure I went there each time I have it on my list to checkout when I get back to BK in a few months
  9. found this burger stand on SOI 23 burger are just 170 baht looks like its my new favorite spot for a burger. the name is look at me burger
  10. I stayed at the president place the room was big the shower was good size didn't notice the notice I did notice when I got a cab to the airport the door man ask how much did I pay before I said I didn't remember they said it would be 900 most hotels will get a deal its 600 to the airport all they did was take the tip from the driver I always gave then 1000 baht when I am leaving
  11. you can check out of you hotel anytime you may want to let them know you will need to if its an odd hour I have checked out at 10pm 1am 3 am and 5 am before
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