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  1. What's this all about? Anything to be concerned about? "The Thai Government has imposed the Internal Security Act in three districts of Bangkok - Dusit, Pom Prab, and Phra Nakorn - until 30 November 2013. During this period, a number of political demonstrations are expected to take place in central Bangkok. Protest areas may include Ratchadamnoen Avenue, Silom Road, Ratchaprasong intersection, Sam Sen train station, Lumphini Park, and Uruphong intersection." http://www.mfa.gov.sg/content/mfa/consular_information/for_singapore_citizens/travel_notices/2013/201311/travelnotice_20131105.html
  2. Throat Swab. So if you don't ask, it's not included. Urine culture is the current method for regular Ghon/Clams these days. Syph is still a blood test.
  3. Most of the guest friendly places I researched were willing to have 1 guest for no charge, but said a 2nd guest would be charged. Just do a search for "guest friendly hotels Bangkok" and you'll find lots of resources. That said, double check because many were just plain wrong. An email to the hotel will usually make everything clear.
  4. I just booked a room at the Dawain. Instead of using agoda, I went direct to the hotel website. The prices were a few baht more expensive, probably from the exchange rate, and not the actual cost charged. A cool thing, you can reserve a room with your CC and pay when you arrive in cash or credit. So, no charge will show up on the credit card if you pay with cash on arrival. No paper trail for the SO to question you about.
  5. What is free wireless like in the bars and city?
  6. I've been over the BKK for a hockey tourny many years back. I'm trying to track down the expat hockey club. Anyone know the website or contact?
  7. AIS 1,2 call prepaid sim card require an Iphone to be unlocked? I saw a couple others that do require that. Not really keen to do so
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