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  1. It's threesome friendly & rooms look good ...I will be staying there next week.
  2. What specific food locations would you recommend on Sukhumvit Willow? posting google street view links is probably easiest: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/11+Thanon+Sukhum+Vit,+Khwaeng+Khlong+Toei,+Khet+Khlong+Toei,+Krung+Thep+Maha+Nakhon+10110,+Thailand/@13.7402372,100.5562363,3a,75y,190.28h,85.71t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1scGFBu4kxEHjbsB7vp8cOeA!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x30e29edd79fb460d:0x4c8b558d39810a4e?hl=en
  3. I've not experienced trains stopping at stations for any length of time. Not sure if you can hop off at random stations then hop back on the next day or whatever ...but you could phone the train station and ask them as they tend to speak reasonable English. Not been on the Chang Mai train before, but the sleeper to the Lao border is excellent.
  4. Not been in LOS for a few years now, but always bought my tickets a few days before at the train station to get the best seats.
  5. ^^First time I went to Thailand was with my gf and several other couples(boo hiss), my friend( who was living in LOS ) booked us into the Federal Hotel at the top of soi 11 & picked us up from the airport etc, we were all very naive about Sukhumvit, none of us spotted the FLs, young girls standing around in short skirts are normal street furniture in western city centres, I remember one night coming out of the Federal and walking past this young girl who was standing around & my friend made some joking comment about finding another hotel further from the main drag which confused us...i
  6. Jumping to conclusions? lolz, sry. Depends who you ask, most mongers might agree ...but families walking past with kids in tow might see older sex tourist preying on younger socio-disadvantaged girls who might even be underage, their only point of reference might be that documentary they watched about poor northern farmers selling/leasing their teenage daughters to Bangkok pimps, some others might see a western pedo scene of some kind, don't underestimate the power of appearances, venues like this would face resistance in most western cities for much the same reasons. ...bkk already h
  7. That might be you ...thats why I used the word "could"
  8. This could be the pilot for the crackdown.
  9. hmmn good point, I've made a reservation at the prez palace for a west facing top floor room..if it's noisy it will just be the one night only, glad I didn't pay up front now.
  10. Take a look at my thread here also: http://www.bangkok-addicts.com/forum/topic/4410-7-10-days-bkk/?p=47771 I was also looking for a high floor at a reasonable price & booked with Presidential Palace after some extensive research.
  11. So that's why they are not answering my calls, .....I feel a little choked up looking at those pic, lots of great memories from staying there.
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