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  1. I am looking for a good Tuina massage along the Sukhumvit/MoChit BTS line. Ideally the massage therapist should have some English skills. I would greatly appreciate some recommendations.
  2. Sorry for bringing up this old thread. "Sleeper to the Lao border" sounds very interesting. I am looking for something like this in conjunction with a boat trip to Luang Prabang. Which train did you refer to, and do you know any good travel agency that could book this for me (along with transportation from the train station to the boat pier)?
  3. Thanks, pal! I guess I'll get one by myself if the hotel quotes me an outrageous price.
  4. The continuing flood of spam makes BA almost unusable. As of now ALL Recent Topics are spam, as are ALL Recent Status Updates! I must have encountered and reported more than 50 spam posts since being a member of BA. I understand that this is probably not an issue in the Advanced section and therefore not being considered urgent, But it makes it VERY annoying for new members (who have the same limited access that spammers have). Not only are we prompted to look into old threads, some of those threads are actually resuscitated by regular users replying to such ancient (but due to spam deemed
  5. Here is the next glitch. When I try to sign out I get this: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Oops! Something went wrong![#2012] The link you followed to logout appears to be badly formed. Please go back and click the link again. ------------------------------------------------------------------ WTF is going on?
  6. This is getting out of hand! I just reported five separate spam posts by five separate one-post-users. May I suggest disabling new user registrations until there is a permanent fix for this problem? I wonder whether this is just regular spammer activity that can hit any board or if someone has actually a gripe with BA (and PA for that matter). Maybe that "Advanced Membership" promise has turned a disappointed user in the Members+ group against the board?
  7. The situation seems pretty fluid. Civil unrest has turned into deadly confrontations. In western media there is a lot of mention of red shirt demos around a stadium. Is that the one near MBK? This up to date article: http://www.asiatraveltips.com/news13/212-BangkokStatus.shtml states "is it safe to travel to Bangkok now? The simple answer to that question is, yes.". The one thing that makes me doubt my travel plans is the location of the unrest. If CentralWorld gets closed then this is pretty close to the lower sois of Sukhumvit. Any thoughts on that?
  8. My main concern is that we might get another airport shutdown like we had three years ago when nobody got in or out for a couple of days.
  9. Do these kinds of protests normally effect street level traffic only, or are Skytrain, subway and Express ways also impacted?
  10. It seems to escalate: http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/local/381615/protest-marchers-rally-throughout-bangkok-against-government Should I be concerned about my about upcoming trip? Occupation of the Budget Bureau seems a little bit more serious than just a peaceful protest.
  11. Going the opposite direction from Nana to the airport (from Boss soi 4 to be correct) how would you get a metered taxi at 4:00am? I'm sure you could flag one down at Sukhumwit but Boss is set way back. I need to catch the first flight to Narita early in the morning!
  12. Thanks, lev123! I guess I won't stay at Mac Boutique Suites then.
  13. Hi all, I saw Mac Boutique Suites listed as joiner friendly on various websites: http://www.guestfriendlyhotel.com/#sthash.mpeTaoZA.dpbs http://www.bangkokredeye.com/bar-girl-friendly-hotels.html The last website even recommends it in it's class. When I looked for reviews on tripadvisor I noticed 95% of the reviews being from India! Interestingly a search for "mac boutique" didn't result in any reports on this board, just two unspecific mentions. I'd like to know if someone here has actually stayed at this place and what his impression was. Thanks. PS: Mac Boutique Suite
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