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  1. That describes most buffets in Thailand for me... Maybe i'm just not that lucky... However most barbecues are always a great experience for some reason...
  2. Check Mixx, is a really good alternative to find freelancers... There is lots of freelancers there... Its located on Phloen Chit road, its only some minutes in a Taxi.
  3. You used a condom with that girl right? So if MRSA is transferable through skin to skin contact... I guess we are all fucked...
  4. haha thanks Jake.houston, im glad you got the reference... You understand me perfectly. I think many users don even know what Westword is... :)
  5. Westworld is a tv series about an amusement park for adults where you can do whatever you want. The main attraction is their ultra realistic robots that look exactly like humans... They are almost more human than the humans lol... So most people eventually fall in love for those robots because they are so real... Somehow my life in Bkk is sometimes like an episode of Westworld... I jump into this amusement park that is the red light district and have my own adventures... Im playing this game for a long time, so now I changed the rules, I play my own games and i dont want to get out... Im a
  6. Pier 21 looks like this: You are checking in the wrong places. those restaurants that you checked are not in the food court Pier 21... Better to go back there again... :blink:
  7. Whait.... What? Are you even trying? How you can not see that place? that place is huge... Its in the last floor! :wacko: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-BzO8uFNEfes/VgkdoBRIwXI/AAAAAAAAHR8/3oROLZLiU0I/s1600/DSCF3146.JPG
  8. Actually there is lots and lots of gyms in Bkk...
  9. Yeah i think Discos are your best option, the best ones are closing around 4am, there is a couple of discos that maybe close more late around 5am but the quality is not that great....
  10. Well after 1am Pattaya is probablly better since the gogos will close more late... Also they are all more near each other. (They are closing around 4am?! not sure what times they are doing now) In Bangkok most gogos close around 2am but you have some gogos closing at 3am in Nana (like Mandarin, Enter, Butterflies, Billboard and Playskool) and a couple in Soi Cowboy (like Lighthouse, Crazyhouse). Discos in Bangkok the best ones right now are Insanity and Mixx, they are closing around 4 am...
  11. The Thai Red Cross near Lumphini park is just amazing, thank you so much for the tip westexpat3 Everything was very fast and simple, also the staff is really helpful. The tests are anonymous and very cheap, i paid less than 500 baht for 2 tests (both negative! nice!). I would say this place is a most go for all mongers. Everyone should stay healthy! Thats really important.
  12. Im interested in doing a new STD checkup just to make sure everything is good. So i want to know where you guys usually go for STD checkups, what are the best places in Bangkok? What places are the fastest to get results? I really don't want to lose much time with this.
  13. The pizza from the restaurant Little Italy (near soi cowboy) is actually really nice, with a home made flavor. :D
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