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  1. Hi Guys, I visited S Sukhumvit Hotel on 22/Oct night. My friend came from my hometown and had him staying in there. However, unfortunately, the floor (4th floor) was totally silent in the night. No sound, no screaming, no moaning... My friend is staying upto Saturday night, so I will try it again. Thanks!!
  2. Hi buttdart, Thanks for your reply. "S Sukhumvit Suites" It is located just under the bridge on Asoke station, right? OK, I will try to stay in there. I will report then. Thanks!!
  3. I used to live in Omni Tower in Sukhumvit Soi4. They have Condo rooms and Hotel rooms together. And every weekend, Hotel room floors were filled with moaning voices. That made me excited. Now I am living in the other place, but I really miss that. Anybody knows a hotel filled with moaning voices in Bangkok? I will stay 1 night following your advice. Cheers
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