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  1. It's slow its quiet. Food especially seafood excellent and cheap. That's one reason I would go back... Bars a quiet but fun. If that's your scene then you will enjoy. I's a good change to the Pattaya/Nana scene and worth a look.
  2. I would not even worry about it... just be honest if questioned which I doubt would even happen.... If worried have a bit of paperwork like your return flight details ready.. just keep smiling at him/her... Not a problem...enjoy your stay.... Keep us posted in fairness on how you go..
  3. I'm not sure Thailand is the place to detox... It's rather the opposite......Air quality, pesticides, herbicides, hygiene of food, water quality... This is where you come to burn the candle at both ends and farkin have a good time...55555...you will feel better for it......5555
  4. Chlamydia nothing to worry about, easy treatable!!!! Tell that story to my missus and 2 mia's who got it from who and who is responsible for it....!!!
  5. Rajah Hotel... Never stayed there and never will.. On occasions when I have a room in Nana Hotel overlooking the rooms of Rajah seeing what the favourite class of people and kids and wives in black attire from head to toe is enough for me to avoid ever consider staying there... Your looking for a budget Hotel.... Try... Nana Hotel...hard to go past that place.. tried an tested accommodation over many years....
  6. romill

    Visa question

    Try the 'Thai Visa Forum' Many knowledgeable people about Visas n Passports etc.
  7. romill

    goo กู

    Gaw Guy + sarah u = Goo meaning I or me (impolite). The missus new exactly what I was saying when I said your phrase. The best she could translate it to was "Go and get stuffed". She mentioned be careful who you say the phrase too as you might have big ploblem after.
  8. Peak hour traffic use the Rail/BTS shits on a Taxi stopped just 3km from Nana going nowhere.
  9. Just confirming Sheraton by Four Seasons have adjoining rooms. They recommend to book prior to arrival to guarantee availability. Thanks for help again guys especially Mrfreeze.
  10. Be aware a lady might come out of a stall or you might get a hands on massage from some Thai bloke while you are having a chee (or piss). I usually get a laugh when I am washing my hands and ask the lady who just walked out if I can borrow her lipstick.
  11. Thank's guys for help. Still no hits with my research... Have sent mail to the hotels yesterday. No repy as yet. TiT...
  12. Fanx mrfreeze.... I have searched Agoda and also Trip Advisor but have not found anything. I have also searched this forum but no hits... Will check Four points...Cheers
  13. I have some friends visiting Bkk with 3 kids in their late teens. What I am looking for is a hotel that has a common adjoining door to the parents room so the parents still have privacy and the kids can do what they want. Somewhere around Sukumvit Rd close to BTS is a bonus. Cheers for reply.
  14. Dynasty Grande good place to stay. Have stayed maybe 12 times... Have not stayed at the Majestic... After 4 years and maybe 50 visits to Nana I prefer Nana Hotel.. yes a little outdated and not as fancy but for your $ you get a good Western breakfast on top and at a cheap price compared to surround accommodation.. Dynasty has location.. but Nana Hotel has location,location,location....
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