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  1. There is no way these statistics can be accur8. How many FLs on Sukhumvit would voluntarily agree to being HIV tested (unless paid 2 do so on a quiet nite). If a dude uses a dome, almost impossible to cop a nasty even from a FL. Even unprotected sex with an HIV positive partner is a 1:10,000 chance of copping it. But u gotta ask urself y a FL is on Sukhumvit Road n not in a bar 4 me, the problem with FLs is that they can be thiefs and it is a hassle to have to bring all ur valuables in2 the shower with you. I've taken FLs from Nana Hotel parking lot and with 1 xception always had very good experiences. I wouldnt take a FL from an other part of Sukhumvit though Just my thoughts
  2. The problem is that gogo prices in PTY r now more xpensive than BKK. Amazing but true
  3. Medical tourism, particularly for middle eastern dudes. They can combine a vacation with treatment. Also. much cheaper than in Abu Dhabi.
  4. Un42n8ly we cant do this anymore, they have installed one way turnstiles plus a guard at each so u cant climb over the fence I get the train now if it is still running when I arrive
  5. I always stay at PB in Soi 3 down to the right after the Grace Only 880 per nite and very girl friendly, in fact they dont even check ID Big rooms and quiet with small roaches But the unfriendlest staff u could ever hope to meet including the cleaners. Miserable barstewards. Gets to me after a few days. Am looking for similar alternatives.
  6. Excellent fotos bro! I dont never decided if I like Soi 11 for the reason that it does not feel like being in Thailand. The 17% tax is annoying too. But cant complain about Climax disco!
  7. Has n e 1 got caught up in the fighting? Has it affected the bars? Sounds scary
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