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  1. Here are links so you can download the Pimsleur Thai language courses to learn the language. Pimsleur Thai Level 1 mp3 (all 30 lessons with PDF booklet) http://www.pimsleur.com/learn-thai/pimsleur-thai-level-1-mp3/9781442323810 (information) https://clicknupload.link/hbxow03xdbod (download) https://1fichier.com/?10erxhx7fh (download) Pimsleur Thai Basic Course Level 1 mp3 (all 10 lessons) http://www.pimsleur.com/learn-thai/pimsleur-thai-basic-course-level-1-lessons-1-10-cd/9780743544948 (information) https://clicknupload.link/qwf8zpo6qgi8 (download) https://1fichier.com/?xcwqx8lt8d (download)
  2. Thanks for the information guys. I think i'm going to just go with a taxi at the airport since I will be arriving so late (just before midnight) and it will be cheaper than the hotel car. This will not be my first time to Thailand just my first extended stay in Bangkok. Before when I arrived I would usually just get a taxi straight to Pattaya. So I'm not a Newbie (advanced member on Pattaya Addicts) just wasn't sure about the cost of a taxi to hotel by NEP. Again thanks for the information.
  3. Thanks. That's what I thought. Never actually stayed in Bangkok before. I always just got a taxi when I arrived and went straight down to Pattaya for about what the hotel was wanting to charge me. Thanks again.
  4. I will be arriving in Bangkok next week late on Wednesday (almost midnight) after the BTS stops by the time I get through customs an get my bags. So I was wondering if it would be better to just get a taxi out side or pay for the shuttle from the hotel. The hotel I am staying at wants to charge 1200baht including all toll way charges and they want me to e-mail them my flight info and credit card information. I don't feel to comfortable with e-mailing my CC info as it isn't secure but was wonder if getting a taxi would be any cheaper.
  5. Thanks for sharing this information. Didn't even think about declaring all of my meds. Guess I just got lucky going through customs in other countries before. Luckily non of them are on the list to need the IC-1 form. Here is the website if anyone else is needing it. http://permitfortraveler.fda.moph.go.th/
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