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  1. Extended until end of April 2020 from what I read.
  2. Do share pics/info , looking to book a stay late Nov but don't see real pics up on the site yet.
  3. Not many mongers at Citrus though it might be friendly, a lot of locals and arab families. I would recommend and choose Novotel over Citrus.
  4. Many good and new hotels in the area, no reason to book a chain unless you want the points. Big fan of Majestic Grande before but don't see myself going back to the rebrand.
  5. Majestic Grande is being refurbished currently. It is to be rebranded as a Double Tree property by March or so. It would be best to contact Majestic Suites/Grande reservations via mail, they are very prompt.
  6. Can't beat Phachara for room size:price but some of the rooms starting to look old. Also, that joiner policy :/
  7. Too expensive for Ibis sized rooms, much nicer options in that area.
  8. Not sure if you can still use facilities at Majestic Grande. Something to keep in mind
  9. I think they are pushing tourists to take Visas at their local embassies and reduce the massive queues at the VOA. I have seen the entire plane from India lining up at times. It makes sense for VOA to be reserved for people who decided on a quick weekend getaway instead of package tourists.
  10. Darn, I loved that place. It had just the perfect ambiance, close to BTS and on Soi 11
  11. I have stayed there for a short trip, good rooms but a lot of tourists (probably groups). I don't think the hotel is guest friendly anymore. Same price, Soi 2 Majestic Grande is pretty good, nice pool, don't know about the gym.
  12. Haven't stayed at four points but would strongly recommend Majestic Grande. Nana is the hotspot for freelancers and a very short walk from the hotel, also no issues with joiners.
  13. I felt safe staying on Soi 2, probably due to the number of hotels and the JW at the top of the street.
  14. I'd suggest you drop them an e-mail to confirm. It won't be the first time they would be answering that question.
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