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  1. Just an update. I was able to pick up an ethernet cable at the Tesco across Sukhumvit from my condo. It was only 65 THB for a 5 meter cable. Not too shabby.
  2. Maybe? I haven't had any issues. Is this with a search or with a booking? I think AirBnB masks the actual address until you book; they just give you a general idea what neighborhood you'll be in.
  3. Stayed there June 2015. Was a great hotel. Nice breakfast (included as I booked with booking). Staff were extremely friendly/helpful. Right across the street is a beer bar. Picked up a bar girl for 1200 THB for ST. Ended up LT without any upcharge. One of the best shags I've ever had. Popped 3 times, couldn't go for a fourth as little guy was not willing. Kassalong and Lolita's aren't too far around the corner, if you're into BJ bars.
  4. I'm using it Monday, I'll let you know. Used it before in Seattle. It was a great experience.
  5. Thanks for the responses. Appreciate it.
  6. Saw this part of the forum was a little out of date. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get Cat 5 cables? I'm staying close to the Tesco Lotus on Sukhumvit in the On Nut area. They sell some electrical accessories like surge protectors (from what I saw on their website anyway). Does anyone know if they happen to carry Cat 5 cables as well. If not, any good recommendations as far as where to find them. I can assume MBK. Not sure if I want to spend half the day wandering around inside MBK searching for it though.
  7. They have a place to scrub down the old fig and berries, like a wash basin? Or better yet, a shower? Perfect! Just in time for me to be making my exit from Bangkok. *sigh*
  8. There's a few standalone restaurants up on the same level, but good gravy, how do you miss something as massive at the Pier 21 food court? LOL I always grab the pad Thai and have them throw a couple of fried eggs on there for good measure. Then I get some of those spicy skewered sausages. I always seem to get there when it's packed and have to wander around for 10 minutes looking for a seat. I'm gonna have to change my noshing hours for this trip to avoid the crowds.
  9. There are many threads that discuss "Visa Runs" where you catch a cheap train/bus/flight to the nearest border (typically Cambodia), get your passport stamped out/in. Voila! You have yourself an extra however many months they allow for tourists. Just type in "Visa Runs." Check the PA forums as well. Good Luck!
  10. Disregard, just found on their website they do have an elevator.
  11. Does this mean there is no lift at the Dawin?
  12. Thanks for the input Buttdart. I'm not worried about WiFi, but if the tuk tuk doesn't operate after 6PM, that may be a deciding factor not to book the room. From the recent posts I read on Tripadvisor, some have advised that the tuk tuk operates on a 24 hour basis. Can I ask how you found out it only operates during the day?
  13. I've been researching quite a few hotels in the Sukhumvit/Nana area and I think I'm going to stay at Eight Ville. I realize it's a long way down Soi 8, but they have a 24 hour courier service that they operate with a tuk-tuk/golf cart that ferries it's tenants to and from Sukhumvit Road. I've read decent reviews on Trip Advisor and Agoda. I'm curious if any fellow mongers have stayed here and if so, what was your experience? Regards!
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