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  1. i ll be in Bagkok between 7-11 march.. would you be around

  2. Thanks. When I stayed there last year on holiday I booked single but turned up with my TGF and they told me they were going to charge me extra. 5 minutes after getting to my room my phone rang and they had changed their minds. No extra charge. Besides that I have no complaints.
  3. This member has been banned so there will be no responses. They signed up yesterday under 3 different aliases!
  4. This PM went out to a lot of members. Mercy has been banned. Thank you.
  5. Never done the trip but I have gone longer distances from the on-nut area for 30 baht. So it should be 30 baht or less.
  6. Thanks for the review cerberus. Me and my gf stayed there about a year ago and we both liked the place. My GF said the place was "perfect". I think I payed around $45 through Agoda but my room was a bit bigger. During breakfast I saw that Dream actually has some Farang staff. It's a good place to bring a GF or LT but I'm not sure if they have a joiners fee for the guys who are looking to bring different girls back to the room. I'd ask before you book
  7. The site is up and running. What happens when you try to access the site? Are you having problems logging or can you not hit the page?
  8. Addicts meet Friday 29 Jan 8:30pm Big Dogs Suk Soi 4

  9. They really should allow the bars to stay open later. If they gave people an alternative the street would not be so "shameful" Me personally..I enjoy the sleaze
  10. Looks like a nice place. I'd find it nearly impossible to pass by lolitas a couple times a day without getting a BJ though. Not so bad if you're on a holiday :)
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