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  1. Awesome work once again :) I may actually purchase something from the night market one day! Patpong should never been ignored because it's a little bit further away from Sukhumvit, some quality times to be had there with quality ladies.
  2. Brilliant feedback guys, thanks for that :) Clicking on Full Version seems like the way to go for me
  3. Hi There, I can't seem to post photos in any of my posts. I use my iPhone and iPad to browse these forums, tried a few things but nothing seems to work. Any tips? Got some photos to add to upcoming reports!
  4. Thanks for all the feedback guys, I ended up going with Aspen, I'll give Royal President a go next time :)
  5. Sukumvit is more than enough! More options and variety that you can poke your stick at. Gogo's, massage, blow job bars, feelancers and so much more.
  6. Hi Guys, Planning my 3rd trip to Bangkok, will be good as it'll be my first full mongering holiday - will have plenty of stories to share. I've narrowing down my choice of accommodation to 2 options: Royal President Bangkok Aspen Suites What I'd like to know is which hotel offers more bang for your buck? I understand they're both girl friendly and I don't mind either location so for this time it does come down to which hotel offers more for the prices that they're at. I would appreciate your thoughts lads!
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