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  1. not that im opposed to marriage but i feel before get married we should spend substantial time living in uk, whilst the weather at times isnt dissimilar (well the rain part!), it is a total different lifestyle. however if we get refused this time i think you are right that marriage maybe the only way. which i think puts a lot of pressure on the marriage from the start.
  2. Yeah thats good advice cheers, it was an honest mistake which is explainable (im not the first man to get the date of an anniversary as such wrong), and thanks for the wording that will come in handy.
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    Uk visitor visa

    I recently did a standard uk visitor app for my girlfriend however it was refused for 3 reasons; firstly because i got the date wrong in which we met, which raised a few questions, and second because we were applying for 6months and they didnt believe she could have that time from work so wouldnt return, and thirdly there was no dates on the photos that i put of us together. On each point i can provide evidence of the right date and explain why i got it wrong (we have spent 3 Christmases together, so in putting down the date we met in my letter i put 2014 (17-3=14), not realising you count 17-i know). her boss has said they can give her letter confirming employment and can have1 month holiday). with this in mind we are going to reapply asking only for a 1month visa, do i explain my error with the dates i can use a facebook photo which is dated and has location on to prove dates, or do I just ignore the fact the previous one was refused and just treat this as a new application?
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