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  1. doesn't matter what day of the week it is you will be fine as long as you know where to go.
  2. Hi, as you can tell by my name, another baggie on this site....

    Looking forward to next season.

  3. Hi peter give me a call on this number please if you fancy a beer tonight or meeting up later in the afternoon 0852 571404 iain

    sent at 11.58 on Friday

  4. hi mark good to meet you last night upstairs in the bar. May i wish you all the best with the bar. kind regards Iain

  5. Actually I will land on Thursday, 12/9 11PM.

    If you guys are still out with Mark by the time I settle into my hotel (approx 1am), then I may try to cactch up with you.

    Otherwise, If you want to hang out some other time that weekend. lemme know.

    =) Peter

  6. The cat house is on the first floor of nana plaza up the stairs on the left. usually sit on the balcony and watch the action on nana car park entrance.

    possibly wearing black t shirt black trousers tonight.

    oh well airport for me in 3 hours.

  7. David arrived very late tonight like about 11.30pm at airport. staying in soi 4 but indeed to have a beer before i sleep. i will probably be in the cathouse to start with about 12.30ish. then may move in. my last number was 0870 951376 not sure if it still works though. I live in Kl so only have a 2 hr flight. (international teacher)

    all the best


  8. not sure when you land but i get there at about 11.00pm on Wednesday 8th. I will probably get my first drink in the CATHOUSE Nana plaza upstairs on the left at about half twelve or quater to one. I wont stay there i will move on. I live and work in KL (international teacher) so only a short flight for me. IF my sim card does work it is 0870 951376.

    all the best Iain

  9. Try doing a search on agoda and then pressing the map section. It will bring up all the hotels in the area that you may be interested in. Also did you have a budget in mind? Many addicts know of good hotels but depends on what you want to pay. last time i was there i paid £300 for a junior suite in the royal president. try this link should take you to the map area . http://www.agoda.com/asia/thailand/bangkok/royal_president_hotel.html hope it works and kind regards
  10. My be something worth considering. Thanks very much for the useful information.
  11. you can have a look at these too. http://www.easyhomes.tv/search-results? http://bangkokhomecondo.com/vilai/listings3.html my favourite shows great pictures of what you can expect. http://www.bangkokfinder.com/ http://accomasia.co.th/en/index.html hope all these help montien
  12. some nice photos there. the room looks good too!! i stayed in the royal president on my last trip and the rooms look similar. That too was guest fiendly if it is of any help. I think it was soi 15 the link is http://www.royalpresident.com/ i had a junior suite and think i paid about £300 for the week with free internet and breakfast. hope this helps.
  13. thanks guys. during my recent stay in April i used both methods. The taxi desk on arrival and when getting caught up in all the delays due to volcanic ash i used the taxi drivers on the arrivals floor to get me back into Bangkok on a daily basis. yes it saves you a couple of baht for for me it was easy to go to arrivals see if i could get a flight home then if not just walk out the door on the same level and return to the city.
  14. Not sure if this will work for you but you could always try calling a taxi driver i use a lot called Pod. His number is 0891 418399. he does try very hard to speak some english and always find his prices good. For example he charges 1200 from BKK to pattaya where most drivers want 1500. you may be able to agree a daily price with him. Good Luck
  15. Thanks Dave. just be careful and stay away from where the red shirts are and you will be fine.
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