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  1. Done. Thanks for the thorough report. The food looks delicious. You always compose excellent and helpful reviews that are even better than Fodor's. My favorite is still your Benihana brunch report at Pattaya Addicts.
  2. Thanks for the review. I was considering the Ambassador due to its location. Having a freelancer disco on the vicinity was also a huge plus.
  3. Thanks for the descriptive review. This will help me greatly on deciding in a hotel later this month. Now I owe you two beers!
  4. Thanks for the review. As soon as a I saw your pic of the twin bed, I thought "how are you going to monger on that?" :) I was going to possibly book this hotel, but now probably will not. I appreciate that you took the time to tell us about your experience.
  5. Nickrock, good story there. Sukhumvit is FL central!
  6. Only 30 baht? Bro, are you serious?!!! That just highlights how big of a ripoff Pattaya motorbike fares can be. From Walking St., they frequently charge 100 baht later in the night.
  7. How much is a standard fare from say, Nana Plaza to Soi Cowboy?
  8. I'm considering staying at this hotel, though I haven't heard any mongers mention it before. Have any of you stayed there and would care to offer their opinion? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks Cerberus for the tip. BTW, I searched online and it seems Dream Hotel doesn't charge a joiner fee. I'd still confirm before booking since policies may change. Also, I checked on Agoda.com and in June, the price for a basic room is about $80USD or 2,700 baht/night.
  10. My favorite street in the world. May it never change! Well, besides the 24 hour traffic jams.
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