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  1. What ever became of the proposed Rama IX Super Tower? i can't even find any information online about the status of project: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rama_IX_Super_Tower
  2. on my first trip to BKK in 2000 the BTS was recently opened. I remember being told repeatedly that it was built "for farang / tourists" because the average Thai could not afford to ride it and the wealthy would continue to drive.
  3. I have a buddy staying at seasonsboutiquehotel.com He got a great price and it is a great location. Ck it out
  4. The closer to Asoke the better I think. I have a great condo in Phra Khanong and everyday I wish I was just a few BTS stops closer to Thong lo/Nana etc. taxis are great in the evening but during the day BTS is the only way to travel. Traffic makes daytime taxi rides torture. If you need a hand I know a great Agent to help you find a place. Perfect English and French (and beautiful too).
  5. Great / in-depth review. I miss Mexican food so much. I will check this out. Do they have Chili Verde??
  6. Thank you for that. Exactly what I was looking for
  7. Great pics. Angel City Diner certainly looked different at night
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