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  1. looking to update to the new Samsung Galaxy watch this evening. where is the best place to shop?
  2. I have HBO GO and want to watch Hard Knocks which appears to only be offered on HBO MAX. Do i have to VPN to US and pay or is there another possibly FREE way to watch? https://www.hbo.com/hard-knocks
  3. I am dating an impressive new woman and struggling to find interesting things to do for dates when she asked if i would have a Christmas tree. i showed her the scene from Goodfellas where Henry brings home the tree ("Karen! I got the biggest one they had") and she told me about a 3 story Christmas super-store near Bang Wa BTS. We had a great time and the prices were really good. I paid 700thb for a 4ft / 1.5m tree. she had the best time getting drunk and decorating the tree. 10/10 would do again. I am attaching a scan of the map/contact details they gave and a picture of my Goodfellas Christmas tree (ordered a topper from Lazada which will arrive this week). Merry Christmas all Christmas tree spot .pdf
  4. The lovely and talented Dr Pavineee Didron at Smile Center Dental Clinic in Phra Khanong did excellent work for me. Super modern equipment (her husband is, or was, head of SE Asian operations for the largest dental supply company in the world so she has the most modern equipment) and good staff. highly recommended. I know she works from several locations but the clinic i visited was at Taisin Square between Soi 67 and Soi 69 next to the Phra Khanong BTS. 02-392-2953
  5. Looks nice. Have you stayed here? Just discovered Bourbon Street and i had a great dinner. really enjoyed it. i hadn't even thought of it for breakfast. i will have to check it out.
  6. What ever became of the proposed Rama IX Super Tower? i can't even find any information online about the status of project: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rama_IX_Super_Tower
  7. on my first trip to BKK in 2000 the BTS was recently opened. I remember being told repeatedly that it was built "for farang / tourists" because the average Thai could not afford to ride it and the wealthy would continue to drive.
  8. I have a buddy staying at seasonsboutiquehotel.com He got a great price and it is a great location. Ck it out
  9. The closer to Asoke the better I think. I have a great condo in Phra Khanong and everyday I wish I was just a few BTS stops closer to Thong lo/Nana etc. taxis are great in the evening but during the day BTS is the only way to travel. Traffic makes daytime taxi rides torture. If you need a hand I know a great Agent to help you find a place. Perfect English and French (and beautiful too).
  10. Great / in-depth review. I miss Mexican food so much. I will check this out. Do they have Chili Verde??
  11. Thank you for that. Exactly what I was looking for
  12. Great pics. Angel City Diner certainly looked different at night
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