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  1. Yes willow we have been given reason to believe that a liver can pop up very quickly with all the unfortunate road deaths in thailand,give the grieving family a bit of cash to help ease the pain not unheard of.We are trying to find someone who's in a position to be able to line up that scenario .
  2. Tnx willow we will be doing as much research as we can,unfortunately by the time a match came along it would be way to late for my mate in australia.As has been hinted to him from he's doctor so wer'e looking abroad,As for compatibility we will have to find that out as well.He's not trying to cut cost he needs it done the sooner the better.
  3. Thanks andy 2463 i will sound out sheryl,he's aware it might be costly but he's prepared to pay so he can live,and yes as i stated he would be well and truly dead before one pops up for him in aus,so he's got no choice, Tnx again.
  4. A very close friend to me has been diagnosed with liver cancer,He lives in australia he's got no choice but to have a transplant,and he would be a long time dead waiting for one in aus, Has anyone done this in thailand or know of someone who has??would anyone have any ideas as where to start contacting hospitals ect??my friend is 57 retired very fit for he's age,he obviously wants to fight this disease he wants to live and is prepared to pay money to get to the top of the que,would anyone know of the rough costs involved to get to the top of the que?? He has a comfortable lifestyle b
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