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  1. The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre 104 Rajdumri Road Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330 Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand +66 2 251 6711 https://goo.gl/maps/rf7T4roCJFb5Lwhj7
  2. Pretty sure they do Hep B. I know they did a hep test. They have a website that lists all the tests they do and there are probably others they don’t list as well.
  3. You’ve been lucky so far because that’s a big no no and a red flag for any immigration officer. They may have not noticed it yet, but when they do be prepared. You risk whatever happens when you’re without a passport. My thinking is you lose your freedom of movement even if you’re not incarcerated. I’m glad it’s not my problem. Let us know how things turn out.
  4. I had the same thing happen to me entering England at heathrow. Immigration officer asked where I was staying and I couldn’t get WiFi when I pulled my computer out of my bag. After an uncomfortable minute or so searching and waiting he just let me pass. I bring this up because it’s not thailand that makes it difficult for tourists, it’s pretty much most countries. I recently traveled neighboring countries and found a complete absence of airport security which made me realize why Thailand needs to be much more aware. Their airports are international hubs and their neighbors are not.
  5. The monetary requirement is 20,000 baht or equivalent in foreign currency. They rarely check if you are a legitimate tourist with few trips to Thailand. Other requirements are a flight out of Thailand within the allotted time of visiting status and proof of where you’re staying. Again, they rarely check but they can and you can be denied entry.
  6. Same as New Yorkers using chopsticks at Chinese restaurants. But it’s not their normal eating utensils
  7. Thai’s don’t use chopsticks. The usual utensils are spoon and fork. The use the fork to push food onto the spoon and use the spoon to bring food to the mouth. You will not see Thai’s using forks to bring food to their mouth. They do like to arrange different tastes and flavors into the spoon so that every spoonful is properly seasoned. Find a Thai girl to feed you and you’ll avoid any hassle
  8. I agree with Thaigirlslayer’s assessment of mercure. I haven’t stayed in the others you mentioned but have stayed in 4 other hotels on soi 11 over the years and the mercure was great value even at the higher price. And their breakfast was really good too. I enjoyed the indoor/outdoor hanging out in the restaurant people watching as well as having drinks at the pool bar.
  9. I think they’re both run by the Kingston hotel group. From my experience at their places, they start off good and as they age, their facilities deteriorate. Their prices are reasonable but don’t expect a high class of product. I was in the solitaire a few years ago and it was nice. I think they either moved recently or renovated. There’s been so much change in that area it’s hard to keep up.
  10. What read was that the elections can be scheduled at the earliest February 23/24 but the government had not set a date yet nor were they expecting to have that date set by February
  11. Decent place Stayed a couple of nights in November at 3700 baht for both nights Guest friendly Didn’t have time to use the pool and gym but they looked decent. I found the coin self laundry the morning I checked out-damn! I could’ve used that
  12. The Songkran date in Bangkok and Pattaya is like traffic laws, it’s just a suggestion. The water sports usually run for about 5 days and doesn’t seem to adhere to a ceasefire when the sun goes down
  13. Yes, the human body is a self cleaning machine. What you inhale, ingest, and imbibe can assist in this function or block or slow down this function The OP asked for help finding a place, not opinions on whether you believe in his methods of achieving a healthier life. .
  14. I just checked google maps and noticed that there are many linked roads that don’t appear on the map. Probably because the map car can’t go there. My guess is you won’t be able to locate a walking path until you’re there. There are lots of walking shortcuts in the area
  15. I’m not sure how far down soi 2 you are. I was down at UTC hotel sub soi 2 off soi 4 and there was a small alley that linked the hotel with soi 4 There used to be a walkway opposite grand majestic or majestic grand hotel on soi 2 that goes to soi 4 You’ll end up close to Hillary bar on 4 There’s so much building going on in that area it looks like it’s going to be a new place in a year or two Enjoy it while it lasts
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