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  1. True is it. you have to prepay then read the instructions how to load your prepay $ into your data plan. Phones and data plans are CHEAP.
  2. Suay - my room had a small fridge. It would store a few day's worth of beers in it. Yes they had some English channels but I think they were brit and aussie. I tend to watch the Thai rock music channels. Soi 7/1 is my favorite place in BKK since I've not spent enough time in Nana to know any better, yet. I've never found a room anywhere in Thailand that didn't have a fridge but I don't go for the absolute cheapest. Worst case.. use the trash can or sink filled with ice.
  3. I would like to add - there is no pool and no onsite restaurant. So.. if you've got a LT girl and you're buying breakfast, account for that. There's decent food steps away and all up and down Sukhumvit as well. They do give out free cokes and I think coffee is free too down in the lobby. Internet was really fast and the room AC was dang nice and quick to cool the room.
  4. Oh indeed it is guest friendly. It is one of my favorites in BKK. AND, there's lots of good things just on 7/1 alone. They do check the girl's ID and age for you. Super clean, fast internet. The only thing I didn't like is that there was no bar stools for the "bar" that faces the soi. I'd fetch beers from 7/11 and then stand there, admiring the nearby talent then take a walk.
  5. I didn't have a problem at Windsor w/ a joiner fee. I booked through Agoda w/ 2 people. I checked in by myself and told them my girlfriend would be in late as she had gone back to her apartment to get clothes. They did put her name on the reservation when I walked in with her later during the day. Once at the elevators we were stopped to confirm her ID and that she was the same girl as on the reservation. You can't take your own drinks to the pool. Pool closes early. The upstairs restaurant had a special on the roasted suckling pig. They also served variations of sha
  6. Bonk - I've stayed in a dozen hotels in Bangkok. In my experience there is usually 1 cockroach in the shower when you get to the room. I kinda look forward to that now. There was 1 place I stayed on Sukhumvit Soi 24 or so that didn't have a roach. The internet service was terrible there. There was no roach when I stayed at Nana hotel either, but you only get 30 mins of free internet a day there. -Tex
  7. I have a picture of their full rack of ribs on a platter in front of my girl. I told her I needed the picture to show my friends how much she liked to eat. I'll figure out how to post the pic soon.
  8. Today I got a message back from my friendly BG who works in Nana in regards to the elections. She says she still not going around Asoke station area as the protests are still going on and there's too much danger. i'd guess no real danger other than she's just not into being around obnoxious people. She took off work today to just hang out in her room with her girlfriends. She says they really aren't making much money. A few farang come and have a drink but aren't often buying LD or tipping much. She's kinda embarrassed about the line of work she's in so she tells me she's busy w
  9. I've been trying to remember the name of that place. Yes. Bully's is a great place. They have a decent pork rib dinner platter for cheap. Also serve draft Hoeegarden beer. Fan-damn-tastic!
  10. Not sure on friendly but I'd reckon it is. Book the room for 2. Soi 11 and 7/1 and well... everything else is just a minute or two away.
  11. I love the news story.. guy says he covered his junk with his bag as he did his thing.. and there is a purse ad right below his picture. "free shipping and free returns." Funny.
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